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DHL Finder

Whether you choose a Packstation, postal outlet, DHL Paketshop or Paketbox: There's always an option close by for dropping of your parcels and at no extra cost.

Tip: You can simply give your parcels and returns to your DHL delivery agent free of charge.

Our site-related services:

DHL Packstation
The automated Packstations in Germany enable customers to send and receive their parcel shipments. The network of classic and app controlled Packstations is also structured to focus on the customer and to offer the constantly growing number of users even better service.
You will find your nearest DHL Packstation here

DHL Poststation
The new, automated Poststation offers a wealth of options for receiving and sending letters and parcels. Customers are able to directly print out letter and parcel stamps contact-free, send letters, receive and send parcels and pay for them cashlessly.
You will find your nearest DHL Poststation here

DHL Paketbox
Customers are able to drop off pre-franked parcels and returns at a Paketbox. Parcel stamps cannot be purchased here.
You will find your nearest DHL Paketbox here

Post office branches
Post office branches offer postal services, and in some cases also postal banking services. The post office branches run by partners of the DHL Group vary in terms of the number of services they offer, which depends on the location. Customers can find an excerpt of the services available directly at the location.
You will find your nearest post office branch here

DHL Paketshop
Paketshops, which are also operated by partners of the DHL Group, offer the acceptance of franked small packages, parcels and returns, as well as the sale of parcel stamps. This means that customers can drop off their parcel shipments quickly and easily at these locations too.
You will find your nearest DHL Paketshop here

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