Service Postage not paid

With the postage not paid service, you can send your parcel without paying for the postage and the costs are paid for by the recipient. The recipient pays the delivery costs (the price of the postage not paid service) upon receipt of the shipment. If the recipient refuses payment (and therefore acceptance of the parcel), the parcel will be returned to you and you will be obliged to pay the delivery costs.

Service Price
Postage not paid 18.00 EUR (includes parcel price, flat rate up to 31.5 kg)1

The postage not paid service can be combined with the bulky goods service, in which case the delivery costs amount to EUR 44,781. This service cannot be combined with any other services.2
 Price includes VAT.
2 Postage not paid roll-shaped shipments (up to 120 cm long, 15 cm diameter and 5 kg in weight) can be sent without a roll-shaped parcel supplement for a flat-rate price of EUR 18.