Shipment tracking

You can check the shipping status of a DHL Päckchen International with the proof of delivery service on We currently offer shipment tracking for the following countries:

Albania * Great Britain Liechtenstein Serbia (Republic)*
Andorra Guernsey Lithuania Singapore
Argentinia Hong Kong Luxembourg Slovakia
Aserbaijan * India* Malaysia Slovenia
Ethiopia* Isle of Man Malta Spain
Belarus Ireland Mayotte* St. Lucia
Belgium Iceland Moldavia* Sudan*
China Italy Monaco Suriname*
Taiwan * Japan Namibia* Taiwan*
Denmark Jersey New Zealand Trinidad and Tobago*
Ecuador* Cambodia Netherlands Czech Republic
Estonia Canada Austria Turkey
Finland Croatia Puerto Rico* Uganda
France Korea (Dem. Rep., North Korea)
Rwanda* Hungary
French Overseas Territories * Korea (Republic Korea, South Korea) Sweden United Arab Emirates
Gibraltar* Latvia Switzerland United States of America and

* The service is still being developed for these countries and is therefore not always seamless.