DPDHL Innovation Center

DHL Trend Research


DHL recognizes the value in monitoring and leveraging trends that will impact the logistics industry in the future.

To keep ahead in today's changing business environment, the DHL Trend Research team identifies and assesses key social, business and technology trends, which are captured in the DHL Logistics Trend Radar.

The Logistics Trend Radar is a dynamic living tool designed to help organizations derive new strategies and develop more powerful projects and innovations. The tool also serves as the foundation for further exploration into each of the trends.

We draw upon the expertise of our customers, partners and industry experts to jointly develop trend reports and drive pilots in topics such as big data, low cost sensor technology and augmented reality.
Some of these topics are tangibly showcased at the DHL Innovation Center.

Please find below our Logistics Trend Radar and latest trend reports, and join us in shaping the future of the logistics industry.