Our group aim is to reduce all logistics-related emissions to zero by 2050. Through our certified GoGreen shipping services, DHL 2-Mann-Handling is also contributing to this. We calculate our own carbon footprint and offer our customers the opportunity of compensation via non-profit climate protection projects or reducing emissions directly through CO2e reduction measures within the DHL network.

Contribute to climate protection for you and your customers by using the GoGreen Plus or GoGreen shipping services.

Your benefits with the GoGreen Plus shipping service

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Reduction in the creation of CO2e emissions in Germany

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Easily book the service for individual shipments only

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Receive an annual customer certificate for the CO2e emissions avoided

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Increase the transparency of your CO2e footprint by receiving a customized CO2e report

Your benefits with the GoGreen shipping service

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Offset your transport-related CO2e emissions

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Book the service for your national and international shipments

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Receive an annual customer certificate for the offset CO2e emissions 

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To offset emissions, we support high-quality climate protection projects worldwide. This is beneficial for the climate and for local residents. We are also committed to supporting climate protection projects in Germany and Mexico.

  • As part of our cooperation with Klimahelden Aschaffenburg, we have already participated in a tree planting initiative in the Taunus region and regularly donate to tree planting campaigns and other activities of the association, such as promoting the knowledge of climate protection among children.
  • 2022: 1,200 trees planted in Mexico through our cooperation with "Plant for the Planet"
  • 2023: 1,200 € for tree planting campaigns in Germany in cooperation with "Klimahelden Aschaffenburg"
Unsere Klimaschutzprojekte
Umweltfreundliche Standorte

Sustainability within our Ludwigsau site:

  • Implementation of site-specific measures as part of the annual environmental and action plan
  • Supply of the site with 100% green electricity
  • Building equipment with LED lighting and high-quality isolation to reduce energy consumption
  • Complete switchover of the industrial truck fleet to environmentally friendly electric forklifts
  • Training of our employees as part of the Group-wide "Certified GoGreen Specialist" training program
  • Certification according to 14001 (environmental management system) and to ISO 50001 (energy management system)

These measures are also to be transferred to other sites.