With DHL 2-Mann-Handling, you can ship furniture, white goods, consumer electronics or leisure and garden items safely, quickly and in a climate neutral way. Thanks to our efficient shipping network, you can reach your customers in Germany, Austria, Luxembourg and Switzerland. Our delivery teams deliver your goods on the same day or on the desired date directly to the requested point of use - and ensure more customer comfort.

Shipping with DHL 2-Mann-Handling


Collection/ Delivery

The collection of the goods takes place individually via regular swap body transport. If requested, self-delivery to our central hub in Ludwigsau is also possible.



We will coordinate a delivery date with your customers by telephone. In this process, you and your customers benefit from our seamless shipment tracking.



Mainland or island, attic or garden shed - we deliver the ordered goods daily to any zip code area and carry them to the place requested by your customers.


Returns handling

Your customer wants to return a shipment? We take care of the collection and repackaging of the goods as well as the return to your returns warehouse.

Your benefits

  • Delivery to the place of use
  • Direct appointment and personal notification with your customers
  • Online shipment tracking for a complete overview
  • Delivery on the desired delivery date
  • GoGreen shipping to offset CO2 emissions is available

DHL 2-Mann-Handling shipping network

Zentrales 2-Mann-Handling Hub in Ludwigsau

Additional Services

Customize your shipping with DHL 2-Mann-Handling and flexibly add additional services from our extensive service portfolio.

Ensure secure payment processing and offer your customers the option to directly pay in cash for the ordered goods upon delivery. We will conveniently transfer the corresponding amount to your account.

If you sell goods of non-standard dimensions, we can also offer you a transport solution free to the point of use for your individual packages weighing up to 180 kg or 6 m in length.

Set an example for climate protection and offset the transport-related CO2 emissions of your individual shipment volume.

Offer your customers full flexibility. If desired, we can deliver after hours on weekdays between 5 and 9 p.m. or arrange a Saturday delivery between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. with your customers. We offer your customers full transparency: By digital notification, we inform them of the expected delivery time. If the date does not suit your customers, they can flexibly select another day via the notification e-mail.