For online shoppers, flexibility, and transparency in receiving their ordered goods are particularly important. With the free DHL Parcel Notification, we take care of shipping communication and inform your customers of the expected delivery date for each shipment very simply by email. This way, your customers know when they will receive their parcel after placing their order. And they can still specify a drop-off location or redirect the parcel to a DHL Packstation if they wish.

Your benefits

  • Higher customer satisfaction through transparent parcel delivery
  • Better delivery rate and reduced returns thanks to flexible delivery options 
  • New customer touchpoint with additional brand presence

This is how it works

Simply transmit the email addresses of your customers in the electronic shipment data in the email address field of the receiving person. Please ensure beforehand that you have obtained the consent of your customers to pass on their email address to DHL.
Please note that all DHL Parcel Notification messages are provided to your customers in German only.

1 Order from mail order company

Transmission of electronic shipment data to DHL incl. email address of the person receiving the shipment.

2 DHL parcel sorting center

The parcel notification is triggered as soon as the shipment is registered at the parcel sorting center.

"Ihr Musterfirma Paket kommt bald!"

3 Delivery

Additional message if the recipient was not met.

"Leider konnten wir Ihr Paket nicht persönlich übergeben."

4 After delivery

Additional messages for unclaimed shipments or e.g., returns.

"... eine kleine Erinnerung: Ihr Paket liegt nur noch 2 Tage in der Filiale/Packstation"

Create recognition with your brand and integrate your name and logo into the DHL Parcel Notification free of charge. These customizations are additionally displayed in DHL Track & Trace.