DHL Group has committed to improving carbon efficiency by 50% by 2025. Our ultimate mission is to reduce all logistics-related emissions to zero by 2050. To achieve these goals, environmental protection programs have been developed across the Group.

We have also launched a new, Germany-wide Sustainability Campaign.

Alongside our GoGreen shipment solutions we offer a range of additional services that actively contribute to climate protection. In this way, provider and customer support climate protection projects to offset carbon emissions.

Sustainable1 shipping with DHL

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With the new CO2e-Sustainability Report, we provide transparency concerning the carbon emissions generated in your domestic shipments of goods with Deutsche Post and DHL. This enables you to ascertain your company's carbon footprint and produce a company carbon report.2

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Choosing GoGreen allows you and your company to make an effective contribution to climate protection. With GoGreen, we offset the carbon emissions that arise in transporting your merchandise parcel shipments within Germany and abroad.

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We are taking the next step towards sustainable shipping with GoGreen Plus. With a selected group of customers we are actively reducing transport-related carbon emissions in national parcel shipping - a measure known as insetting. 

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And with our sustainable shipping materials (linerless labels and ECO-BAGS) sustainable shipping has never been easier.

Sustainable delivery by Post and Parcel in Germany

Deliveries made in ~50% of our delivery districts across Germany are already carbon-free: with Streetscooters, e-trikes, e-bikes or on foot.

  • We are consistently converting our delivery fleet by introducing more and more electric vehicles.
  • In conurbations and city centers, furthermore, deliveries of merchandise mail and an increasing number of small-format parcels are now delivered by bike or on foot.
  • This means that one in four DHL parcels and two out of three merchandise mail items are delivered carbon-free.
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Sustainable parcel receipt for customers

  • Our DHL recipient services - including preferred drop-off location and Packstation delivery - avoid failed deliveries.
  • Packstations reduce carbon emissions through simultaneous delivery of multiple parcels and pick-up of returns.
  • Digital delivery notifications actively promote paperless processing, doing away with the need for notification cards.



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DPDHL's sustainability offensive

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  • By 2030, DHL Group will invest a minimum of EUR7 billion in alternative fuels and in renewing or refurbishing our infrastructure and operating equipment.
  • By 2030, we aim to limit carbon emissions at DHL Group to less than 29 million metric tons - despite expected business growth.
  • Thus we are taking the Science-Based Targets (SBT) approach.

Our goals for more climate protection

  • Expand carbon-free fleet to 38,000 e-vehicles and 14,000 e-trikes by 2025
  • Parallel expansion of charging station network
  • ~ 30% carbon reduction over the last mile for Packstation deliveries
  • Compared with road freight, each DHL train cuts carbon emissions by between 80% and 100%.
  • A single freight train can carry 100,000 parcels.
  • The DHL & DB Cargo rail transport network includes 60 trains transporting parcels every week.
  • These measures alone avoid approx. 7,000 metric tons of CO2 by 2025.
  • New company-owned sites equipped with photovoltaics, heat pumps and building automation as standard
  • Piloting battery storage at some sites
  • Our GoGreen service has provided sustainable shipping since 2007.
  • Since 2022, we enter the next phase of sustainable shipping with GoGreen Plus.

Climate protection projects at DPDHL

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  • Purchase of carbon credits ensures offsetting for customers using our sustainable GoGreen products and services.
  • With our GoGreen solutions, we support quality climate protection projects to offset emissions worldwide - for the benefit of the climate and the people we serve.

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1Offsetting of transport-generated carbon emissions through investment in certified climate protection projects.
2DHL Paket GmbH and Deutsche Post AG accept no liability for the use of the data provided; responsibility lies solely with customer. For detailed liability regulations, please refer to the current service description for the "Sustainability Report on CO2e-Values", which is part of your business customer contract.