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GoGreen Plus - the next step in climate-neutral shipping

GoGreen Plus - the next step in climate-neutral shipping

GoGreen Plus is our next step towards climate-neutral shipping and actively avoids the generation of carbon emissions for merchandise shipments sent within Germany. In doing so we are contributing to reducing carbon emissions in line with the Science Based Targets initiative1

GoGreen Plus is currently being piloted with selected customers.

The benefits of GoGreen Plus

Climate-neutral merchandise shipping through the avoidance of transport-related carbon emissions locally in Germany.

Fulfilling recipient's explicit wish for genuine avoidance of carbon emissions.

Individual customer reports according to internationally recognized standards.

Market leader in climate protection.

Climate protection through carbon avoidance

Due to the limited availability of insetting measures on the market, we are only able to offer GoGreen Plus to a small number of customers at present.

In contrast to offsetting, insetting involves direct investment in measures within the value chain in order to avoid CO2 at the point it is produced.

Measures involve investments in sustainable fuels (e.g., biogas or green electricity).

Yes, a certificate will be available in future. However, as a result of ongoing discussions with certification company SGS, we are unable to issue certificates during the pilot phase. For this reason, we are also investing in offsetting projects and pilot customers will receive a GoGreen certificate.

Your ability to take part in the pilot depends on whether there is sufficient insetting capacity available for your shipments. You must also conclude a supplementary agreement with us to take part in the pilot and provide us with the relevant account numbers. Should you be interested, please contact your sales representative.

Our reporting standards

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1 Science-based targets are greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction targets. They provide companies with a clearly defined pathway to GHG reduction and are consistent with what the latest climate research suggests is needed to meet the Paris Agreement goal of limiting global warming to well below 2°C above pre-industrial levels. With its Sustainability Roadmap published in March 2021, DPDHL has committed to setting this kind of science-based greenhouse gas reduction target