Our path to zero emissions in Germany

At Deutsche Post & DHL, we are making a consistent effort to achieve climate neutrality. Since 2011, we have been transporting all national parcels and packages for our DHL private customers in a CO2-neutral manner offsetting transport-generated carbon emissions through investment in climate protection projects, thus helping to protect the environment. Since July 2022, GoGreen is also automatically included with international private customers shipments. With the new GoGreen Plus service, we are now taking climate-friendly shipping to the next level by actively avoiding emissions.
The new GoGreen Plus service can be booked to send and receive domestic shipments in Germany, and to send small packages and parcels internationally to other countries. This enables customers to actively protect the environment by helping to reduce emissions of CO2. For our part, we invest in additional carbon reduction measures in our logistics network in Germany as well as in using biojet fuel for international air freight transports. This means we actively avoid emissions of greenhouse gas. 

Our mission is to reduce all logistics-related emissions to zero by 2050. To this end, we have launched a new Germany-wide sustainability offensive.

Our customers support us in this by handing over their shipments to us. You too can join in!


Your small packages and parcels are shipped climate friendly with DHL.

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Your DHL small packages and DHL parcels are shipped climate friendly - with no additional charge. The carbon emissions generated by your shipment are offset through investment in climate protection projects.

The emissions caused by shipping are offset by investing in climate protection projects worldwide.

Our offer of unscheduled pick-up by the delivery agent helps private customers to avoid unnecessary journeys.

Now available: For selected routes and shipments, you can choose the rail transport climate-friendly service and save on average more than 30% emissions compared to conventional truck transport.

GoGreen Plus

Booking GoGreen Plus means your shipments are climate neutral. We actively avoid transport-generated greenhouse gas emissions and invest in additional emission reduction measures in the DHL Group logistics network - by purchasing sustainable fuels and electric delivery vehicles, for example. Use your DHL customer account to book GoGreen Plus for climate-neutral receipt of parcels. Climate-neutral shipment of international parcels and small packages can be booked for selected routes via the DHL Online Franking portal.
We also offer a wide range of other options at no additional charge.

We also offer you other numerous free options to make receiving your parcels even greener. With our recipient services such as drop-off location, delivery day or parcel redirection, you help us to avoid unsuccessful delivery attempts. This is convenient for you, avoids multiple journeys and is good for the climate.

Send your parcels directly to Packstations or postal outlets to make sure your shipments get to you without detours.

Do you want to do more? Then sign up for digital delivery notification - by doing this you actively reduce paper consumption for our notification cards.

If the delivery of your shipments is carbon-neutral, we show you this in the live tracking view with a corresponding note and a green vehicle.

You can also see in your sustainability overview how "green" you already receive your parcels with DHL.

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Packstation - the green address for parcels

Climate-friendly, free of charge and also near you: More than 12,000 DHL Packstations allow us to save CO2 compared to direct doorstep delivery, as we can deliver many parcels to one address with one stop and collect new parcels and returns at the same time.

DHL Packstation GoGreen

We are planning to install around 800 Packstations at railway stations alone. The Packstation is particularly environmentally friendly because it avoids extra journeys and shipments are delivered and collected in bundles by DHL delivery staff.

We are constantly setting up new Packstations at convenient locations - so you have shorter routes and can combine parcel collection with other errands. 

Our Packstations are evolving and require less and less electricity; many of the latest Packstations even have solar panels.

Climate friendly packaging

We also focus on climate neutrality when it comes to packaging

With the colourful special editions and Pluspäckchen, since 1.1.2022, yellow DHL standard Packsets are now also produced in a climate-neutral way. We determine the CO2 emissions from the entire production chain and offset these through the GoGreen scheme with investments in selected worldwide climate protection projects.

Browse here and find more information. 

Important tips for safe and correct packaging can be found here:

DHL Paket Nachhaltig Verpacken

Climate friendly products and services

Deutsche Post and DHL have already succeeded in reducing their own CO2 emissions per parcel by 25 per cent since 2015/16 - thanks to our commitment to environmental sustainability. Our deliveries are already carbon neutral in around 50% of our delivery districts. In 2025, we will provide "green" deliveries with 38,000 e-vehicles and 14,000 e-trikes in over 70% of districts. According to our own estimates, CO2 emissions per parcel are now at least 30 per cent lower than those of the competition on the parcel market. Nevertheless, the range of climate-friendly products and services is increasingly being expanded.

More information for business customers

Climate-friendly shipping

Have your company make a sustainable contribution with GoGreen.

For further information > 

Climate friendly receiving for your customers

Save CO2 with DHL's receiving services.

For further information >

*Offsetting of transport-generated carbon emissions through investment in climate protection projects.

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