Send parcels in a climate-friendly way by rail

Would you like to actively save resources and COemissions when shipping your parcels? Then use our new rail transport service. You can book the rail transport service free of charge in online franking for suitable routes.

This means that your parcel is largely transported by rail instead of by road. This saves you on average over 30% of the COemissions of your shipment compared to transport with a conventional truck.

The benefits for you

  • Actively reduce COemissions by more than 30%
  • No surcharge, max 1 day additional lead time
  • Remaining COemissions are avoided thanks to GoGreen Plus

GoGreen Plus enables the active avoidance of CO2 emissions through investments in our logistics network, e.g. the purchase or use of sustainable fuels and electric trucks.

Service bookable for selected routes

Around 240 trains already travel through Germany every month for your parcels. If the route between sender and recipient is served by the train connections available to Deutsche Post and DHL, the new booking option for national parcels and small packages (Päckchen) "M" will be automatically displayed for you in DHL online franking and the Post & DHL app. Simply select free of charge. Your shipment may be on the move one day longer as a result.

How does it work?

Select your desired product in DHL Online Frankierung. Please note that rail transport is currently not bookable for Päckchen S.

Enter the recipient's and sender's address.

Important: The transport route must be suitable for rail transport. In online franking, the postcodes of the sender and recipient are used to check whether the item is suitable for our rail transport. Only then will the shipping option be displayed and you can book climate-friendly transport by rail.

Conclude the purchase process via the shopping basket

What can I combine the rail transport service with?

  • National parcels of all weight levels
  • National small parcels (Päckchen) "M"
  • Transport insurance up to EUR 2,500 / EUR 25,000
  • Pick-up can also be booked

Your DHL small packages and DHL parcels are already sent climate-neutrally* throughout Germany. With the new rail transport service, you also have the opportunity to actively select a more sustainable transport solution for your shipment yourself. And at no extra charge. At Deutsche Post and DHL, we already have the most environmentally friendly fleet in the industry and aim to be completely emissions-free by 2050. Therefore, our goal is to transport 20% of our parcels by rail in the long term. DHL is already saving over 1,600 tonnes of CO2 per month in this way. We also offer you as our customer many options to make the way you ship and receive items such as small parcels, packages and letters more sustainable and climate-friendly. Further information can be found at and

*Offset of CO2 emissions generated during transport through investment in climate protection projects.

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