Package securely and properly: how to ensure your shipments arrive safely

To ensure your parcels and packages arrive safely with their recipient, stable and secure packaging - both outside and inside - is essential. We'd like to show you a few tips and tricks for packaging your shipments correctly.

Topics at a glance

Checklist for secure shipping

Respect the size
  • Be aware of the size specifications and weight classes (max. 31.5 kg)
  • Keep to the specified cube shape. Shipments should not have any protruding parts and have a flat support surface (exceptions: roll-shaped objects, folder packaging, etc.). Shipments with an unusual shape can be sent with DHL as bulky goods.
Well packaged inside and out
  • Always use stable and intact, ideally unused shipping boxes made from corrugated cardboard
  • Completely fill hollow spaces and pad on all six sides
  • Do not attach any loose bindings
Proper sticking
  • Remove any old address labels or bar codes that may be present on the packaging
  • Only shipments that are clearly franked as returns may be packaged in the sender's film packaging. Otherwise, a bulky goods surcharge will be levied.

Tips for proper outer and inner packaging

The packaging should protect your shipment and its contents. The larger, heavier and more sensitive the contents, the more robust the packaging must be.

The right outer packaging

The right inner packaging

The right closure

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With DHL Packsets and Pluspäckchen, you are always on the safe side when it comes to the right packaging. In our shop and of course in our branches, you will find a wide range of products for the right packaging.

Information about special formats and shipments


Permissible content

Send climate-neutral* and in DHL-approved quality: DHL Packsets and DHL Pluspäckchen

With the handy climate-neutral DHL Packsets, you’ll always find the right packaging for your packages and parcels. Also use our colourful special editions in sizes S and M - not only for shipping, but also as gift packaging.

Good for the environment: alongside DHL special editions and the DHL Pluspäckchen, with effect from 1.1.2022, DHL standard Packsets are now also produced in a climate-neutral way. This applies to all DHL Packsets, Pluspäckchen (Packset incl. postage for Christmas) and special editions: We determine the CO2 emissions from the entire production chain and offset these through the GoGreen scheme with investments in selected worldwide climate protection projects.

The benefits for you

  • DHL Packsets available in 5 sizes in DHL-approved packaging quality
  • All DHL Packsets are produced in a completely climate-neutral* way
  • Our colourful and seasonal special editions are ideal for many gift-giving occasions, for sending, giving and keeping
  • Standard Packsets are made from 100% recycled material (except F: 70%)
  • Carefully selected locations in Germany to avoid long transport chains

DHL Packset and Pluspäckchen prices

Size and dimensions Price in EUR¹ Suitable items
Packset XS
22,5 x 14,5 x 3 cm
EUR 1.59 For up to two books
Packset S
25,0 x 17,5 x 10,0 cm
EUR 1.89 For smaller electronic items
Packset M
37,5 x 30,0 x 13,5 cm
EUR 2.19 For file folders, shoes or textiles
Packset L
45,0 x 35,0 x 20,0 cm
EUR 2.69 For ski boots or household appliances
Packset F
38,0 x 12,0 x 12,0 cm
EUR 2.69 Certified for common sparkling wine or wine bottles
Packset special editions
Size S and M
From EUR 1.99  
Size S and M
EUR 6.99  

1 Final price incl. VAT, plus shipping costs if applicable.

Important accessories for shipping such as shipping labels, adhesive rollers, cardboard boxes, Packsets and many other cardboard boxes can be found in our shop. In the Deutsche Post shop, you will also find more information about DHL Packsets.

More information about shipment dimensions and weights

Any questions?

*We determine the CO2 emissions from the entire production chain and offset these through the GoGreen scheme with investments in selected worldwide climate protection projects.

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