If you know you're only available to receive parcels on certain days, or know already that you won't be home on a specific delivery day, then take advantage of the chance to specify when you'd like to receive your shipment. The option is available for individual parcels or for all shipments. With our free preferred day service, we'll deliver whenever it best suits you. Serving your particular needs: DHL Preferred delivery.

Your benefits

  • Don't miss a single parcel
  • Decide for yourself when parcels should be delivered
  • Set specific weekdays that best fit your needs

How to use the preferred day

1. Set preferred day*

Choose the weekdays when parcels should be delivered in the future. You can modify your selection at any time in your customer account.

2. Notification

You'll be informed by email and in the Post & DHL app about the planned delivery on your preferred day.

3. Receipt on your preferred day

Your parcel will be delivered to you at home on the selected preferred day.

Select a preferred day for an individual parcel**: If you wish to reschedule your parcel delivery for only one shipment, then choose the service directly in your parcel notification, track & trace or the Post & DHL app.

Further information

* The preferred day service is not available on Sundays and holidays.
** If you've already set up permanent preferred days, it is not possible to select an alternative weekday for individual packages.

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