Arrange for your shipments to be picked up by the deliverer wherever it's convenient for you. Simply enter an address of your choice and arrange for the parcel to be picked up there, with no fuss.

Information for DHL business customers from 200 parcels per year

Your benefits

  • Arrange parcel pickup anywhere in Germany
  • Order by 10:00 pm for next-day pickup between 8:00 am to 8:00 pm
  • Free pickup when more than four parcels per shopping basket are franked online
Icon mobile Paketmarke

Please remember to frank your shipments sufficiently before pick-up. Buy your parcel stamps conveniently online or in the Post & DHL App.

Don't have a printer handy to print out your stamps? No problem, because with the mobile parcel stamp, our delivery agent will be happy to do this for you when they pick up your parcel.

Prices and Options

Scheduled pick-up Unscheduled Pick-up*
Pick-ups are available on Monday to Saturday as part of the delivery tour. You can give our delivery agents parcels and returns shipments that have already been franked without a special collection order.

EUR 3.00 (incl. VAT)**

Online order


* Unscheduled pick-up is a voluntary and free service from DHL. It is important that your shipments are sufficiently franked and that our employees have sufficient free load capacity in their vehicles.
**From 4 items per shopping basket free of charge

How to have your parcels collected by the delivery agent

1. Place order

Place the pickup order conveniently online or order it during the online franking process.

2. Schedule pickup

Define at which address and on which day the pickup should take place.

You can have your items collected from your preferred address or from your parcel box at home anywhere in Germany.

You also have the option of registering a drop-off location under "Preferred location" for the collection of your parcel shipments if you should ever be away from home.

3. Ready for pickup

The delivery agent will collect your shipment from you on the desired day and location between 8:00 and 20:00. Your DHL delivery agent can also print out the postage stamp for you directly.

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