Parcel delivery in real time

Your parcel is en route and you'd like to know when the deliverer will be arriving at your door?
For selected shipments, we are now offering our DHL live tracking service, allowing you to track your shipment on a live map. We show you the timeframe in which the DHL deliverer will be arriving at your door, where your shipment currently is, and how many stops your parcel courier still has to make before they reach you. And if timings change, we'll keep you updated.

If you are not going to be at home at the specified delivery time, you still have the option of having your parcel delivered to a drop-off location or to your neighbor. DHL makes it happen.


Ready to ship? Simply give parcels with postage prepaid and returns to our DHL couriers, who will ship them for you at no extra cost. With the mobile parcel stamp or the mobile return label your deliverer will even print out the shipping label for you.

Your benefits

  • Email and/or push notifications with a 90-minute delivery window for registered customers and for many parcel an additional alert approx. 15 minutes before delivery
  • Real-time tracking of your parcel on a map, including countdown and delivery window
  • Greater flexibility when receiving and sending your parcels
DHL Live tracking

This is how live tracking works

1. Parcel notification

As a registered customer, you will receive a parcel notification by email and/or push notification on the morning of delivery, informing you of your 90-minute delivery window and providing a link to live tracking.

2. Access live tracking

Click on the live tracking link, enter your postcode and track the location of your shipment in real time. You can also find live tracking in the Post & DHL app.

3. Flexible parcel delivery

If you are not at home, you have the option of specifying a drop-off location or neighbour for the delivery until shortly before the delivery is due.

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