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Choose a Packstation near you from over 11,500 locations. Sending parcels from a Packstation is really easy, even without a DHL customer account.

Your benefits

  • Open 24 hours a day1
  • No need to register 
  • More than 11,500 Packstations across Germany
  • Send shipments without long waits and drop them off contact-free2

How to send your parcels from a Packstation

1. Generate a parcel or returns stamp

You can buy a postage stamp from DHL Online Franking or the Post & DHL App without having to use cash. For a return, you may need to request a returns note from your online retailer.

2. Attach the parcel or returns stamp

If you already have a postage stamp, stick it onto your parcel. Alternatively, you can print the postage stamp out and stick it on.

You can also print out the postage stamp directly at the Packstation, however. With DHL Online Franking, you will always also be sent a QR code via e-mail. You can scan this in at the Packstation. Simply click 'Send' on the screen and hold your mobile phone screen showing the QR code in front of the Packstation's scanner. For returns, you will receive a QR code from the mail order company in many cases.

At Packstations without a printer3, scan the QR code in and insert the parcel without the postage stamp. The delivery agent will print out the postage stamp for you when they collect your parcel.

We are unfortunately currently unable to offer this service with app-controlled Packstations.

3. Inserting the parcel

On the Packstation, select "Send", scan in the shipment number and place the parcel in a suitable compartment.

With app-controlled Packstations without a screen, simply use the Post & DHL App.

Also: By entering your shipment number, you can conveniently check the shipping status of your parcel in the Post & DHL App or at

4. Take receipt

Have the proof of posting4 for your parcel sent to you really easily by e-mail: Enter your Postnumber or your e-mail address on the Packstation once you have inserted your shipment.

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(only available in German)

1 Opening times may vary at certain locations.
2 At app-controlled Packstations, only pre-franked parcels can be sent.
3 Not available at certain Packstations (app-controlled Packstations).
4 Only for shipments with shipment tracking, no small parcels.

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