Drop off parcels - quickly and easily

Sending parcels has never been so easy: Simply give franked parcels and returns to one of our delivery agents while on their delivery route. If you are not home, you can also have the parcel picked up from your Preferred location. The prerequisite is that the delivery agent has sufficient free loading capacity in their delivery vehicle.

Frank parcels without a printer: Simply show the QR code of your mobile parcel stamp or your mobile return label on your smartphone and our delivery agent will take care of printing it out. The receipt for parcels and returns is of course included, as with all our other drop-off points.

Your benefits

Always on the ground - without covering long distances and waiting times

Simply give them to a DHL delivery agent, subject to availability

No printer required - the delivery agent does the printing for you

Sustainable shipping by avoiding unnecessary journeys

Drop off DHL parcels from home - your options:

Bookable Pick-up Unscheduled Pick-up Scheduled Pick-up
  • Booking via the parcel notification or tracking page (online or in the Post & DHL App)
  • Pick-up takes place at the same time as the announced delivery
  • free of charge
  • pick-up is possible from the front door or from the preferred location
  • Personal address of the delivery agent on arrival, no booking possible
  • The pick-up takes place at the encounter of the delivery agent and cannot be scheduled
  • free of charge
  • pick-up is possible from the front door
  • Booking via online franking or the Post & DHL app
  • Pick-up can be scheduled for a specific date
  • EUR 3.00 (from 4 items per shopping basket free of charge)
  • pick-up is possible from the front door


How to use the unscheduled pick-up service

1. Delivery announcement

You receive a parcel notification by e-mail for your incoming parcel and still have a parcel to be sent at home.

2. Select a Pick-up option

You book the parcel pick-up in the parcel notification, dhl.de shipment tracking or in the Post & DHL app and, if necessary, enter your Preferred location.

3. Send parcel

You deposit your item (return or franked parcel) at your Preferred location, where the delivery agent will also deliver the arriving parcel. Or you can hand over your parcel in person at the front door when the delivery agent rings the doorbell.

Note: You can continue to print out your online parcel stamps yourself, affix them to the parcel and hand them in at a DHL location of your choice.

Mobile returns

When shopping online, were you provided with a QR code as a return label? Then let us print out your return slip very conveniently. Simply show your QR code on your smartphone at DHL postal outlets or to the delivery agent, or scan it at selected Packstations. We print your return label and accept your parcel directly, subject to availability.

Do you have an online shop and would like to offer your customers the mobile return label? More information is available at dhl.de/retoure.

If you want a binding and punctual pick-up of your parcels and packages, have the delivery agent pick up your shipments where it suits you best. More information is available at www.dhl.de/abholung.

DHL offers you a wide range of innovative shipping options: decide for yourself how you want to send your parcels, packages and returns and adapt your parcel shipping to your everyday life. Whether it be a Packstation, postal outlet or DHL Paketshop: thanks to the approximately 34,000 DHL locations, you will always find a place nearby where you can post your DHL shipments free of charge.

Find a DHL location nearby now

Yes, with the help of the Bookable Pick-up service, it is also possible to have your shipment picked up from the Preferred location. To do this, simply book a parcel pick-up via the parcel notification or shipment tracking when you are expecting a parcel. Our delivery agent will then already know and will take your parcel directly to the drop-off location you specified.

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1 For shipments within Germany and the EU (except Päckchen with the service Versicherung).

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