Your DHL parcel is waiting at your preferred neighbour's house!

Have your parcel delivered to a neighbour of your choice in your immediate vicinity when you are not at home - this is possible either for individual shipments or permanently for all your parcels. Are there other members in your household who would like to use the neighbour recipient service? No problem, because you can give us the names of up to four other people* whose shipments we will also deliver to your preferred neighbour. With DHL, you can. 

Your benefits

  • Receive shipments even when you're not home
  • Parcels are delivered directly to your neighbour
  • You define who can receive your parcels
  • Allow up to four other members in your household* to benefit from your preferred neighbour service

How to use the preferred neighbour service

1. Select a preferred neighbour

Provide information for a preferred neighbour in your immediate area who is willing to receive shipments for you when you're not home. You can modify your selection at any time in your customer account.

Tip: Specify up to four other members in your household so that they can use the neighbour recipient service.

2. Delivery to neighbour

If no one answers the door at your home, then the parcel will be dropped off with your preferred neighbour.

3. Receive notification

You'll be informed by email about the delivery to your neighbour. The deliverer will also put a notification slip in your mailbox.

Set a preferred neighbour for individual shipments: If you wish for only one parcel to be dropped off with a preferred neighbour, then choose the service directly in your parcel notification, track & trace or the Post & DHL app.

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* Please note that this only applies to persons living in your household. It is important that you obtain the consent of these people before you add them by name to your account.

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