Collect points and save - collect valuable points in your customer account using the DHL bonus program. Once you've collected enough points for your desired reward, redeem those points for a postage coupon.

Your benefits

  • Collect points automatically: e.g. by receiving a parcel at a Packstation or postal outlet, or when buying labels
  • Collect points quickly: you'll get extra points for your first parcels
  • Select great rewards: convert bonus points to free postage coupons

Claim one of these great coupons:

100 bonus points correspond to a value of EUR 1.

Icon Drucker
Postage credit for online franking

379 points are all you need for postage credit for a Päckchen S.

Here's how it works



Activate the DHL bonus program in your customer account under My Data & Services.


Collect bonus points

Use selected services and the points will automatically be credited to your account.


Redeem bonus points

You can start redeeming coupons and rewards with as few as 379 points.

Collect bonus points with these services:

Have your shipments sent to a Packstation and receive 5 points.

5x points: You'll receive 25 points each for the first five shipments picked up from the Packstation.

Have your orders sent to a postal outlet or Paketshop and receive 5 points.

Claim 10 points each time you send a parcel from a Packstation - even if when dropping off returns.

5x points: You'll receive 50 points each for the first five parcels shipped from the Packstation.

Buy parcel or package stamps online in your customer account or in the Post & DHL app. 10 bonus points will be credited to your account. Remember to log in prior to your purchase.

5x points: You'll receive 50 points each for the first five labels you buy.

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