Worldwide to more than 220 countries


Your shipment is particularly urgent?

With DHL ExpressEasy your shipment will be delivered worldwide to more than 220 countries and territories. Usually within 2-3 business days.


  • Within the EU: Delivery of documents/ packages usually within the next business day*
  • Outside the EU: only duty-free documents, usually within 2-3 business days*
  • Maximum weight: 31,5 kg
  • Minimum dimensions: 21 cm x 15,2 cm (L x B)
  • Maximum dimensions: 120 cm x 60 cm x 60 cm (L x B x H)
DHL ExpressEasy
International 1
Zone 1*
Zone 2*
Rest of Europe/ North America
Zone 3*
Zone 4*
Rest of the World
Up to 500 gram

47.90 EUR

59.90 EUR2

69.90 EUR2

72.90 EUR2

Over 500 gram to 1000 gram

59.90 EUR

74.90 EUR2

91.90 EUR2

98.90 EUR2

Over 1000 gram to 2000 gram

72.90 EUR

89.90 EUR2

124.90 EUR2

134.90 EUR2

Over 2 kg to 5 kg

103.90 EUR

135.90 EUR2

196.90 EUR2

217.90 EUR2

Over 5 kg to 10 kg

154.90 EUR

196.90 EUR2

279.90 EUR2

311.90 EUR2

Over 10 kg to 20 kg

228.90 EUR

279.90 EUR2

384.90 EUR2

465.90 EUR2

Over 20 kg to 31,5 kg

299.90 EUR

359.90 EUR2

489.90 EUR2

619.90 EUR2

* You will find the exact country list per delivery zone here
1 All prices are final prices and, according to UStG, include the statutory value added tax, if there is no varying  information included  in single quotations.
2 Prices are final prices and according to UStG including statutory sales tax.

Your shipment is heavier than 31,5 kg or you want to ship dutiable shipments outside the EU? Even without account number possible via DHL OnlineShipping or contact our DHL Express Customer Service 

Additional services for ExpressEasy International
Transport insurance up to 2,500 EUR


Transport insurance against (loss and damage). The amount of insurance is related to the complete shipment.

+ 6.00 EUR1
Transport insurance up to 25,000 EUR + 18.00 EUR1

1 Prices are final prices and according to UStG including statutory sales tax.

When shipping international several questions occur: Is my shipment dutiable? Which documents do I need to provide? And where can I register my shipment?

All relevant information regarding customs issues can be found here.


* Please note the cut-off deadline of each Deutsche Post partner retail store. Business days: Mon.-Fri.