You can conveniently buy parcel stamps online via Online Franking or mobile via the Post & DHL app. Either you print out the parcel label yourself - or you let us do it. Show the QR code1 at one of the 32,000 drop-off points (DHL locations) or directly to the delivery agent. They will then take the package with them right away.

You can now also have your franking printed out directly by your DHL delivery agent while on their delivery route! They will also take the package with him right away.

Your benefits

  • Franking without your own printer
  • Cashless payment
  • Pay postage anywhere, any time
  • Exclusively available with online franking: the 2 kg parcel

How to use the mobile parcel stamp in an easy way

1. Buy franking

Purchase a parcel stamp online or in the Post & DHL app.

After completion of the purchase you will receive a QR code1 by mail and mobile phone  for download.

2. Select location

We take care of printing the shipping label using the QR code at all2  acceptance points. Select a postal outlet/parcel shop or a Packstation in the location finder - shipping is also possible without registration.

Alternatively, you can also give the parcels to the delivery agent to take them with them.3

3. Send parcel

The staff at the postal outlet/parcel shop, the Packstation with printer and the delivery agent scan your QR code and print out the label on the spot and accept the parcel.

For Packstations without a printer: Scan the QR code, deposit the unstamped parcel and the delivery agent will print out the parcel stamp for you when you remove it.

Note: You can continue to print out your online parcel stamps yourself, affix them to the parcel and hand them in at a DHL location of your choice.

Remember to always put a note with the shiping information (including recipient, sender) into your shipment. If the label on the outside should become illegible or get lost, you can still ensure that the shipment is transported correctly.

1 For shipments within Germany and the EU, no parcels with insurance.
2 Currently not available at individual Packstations (app-controlled Packstation).
3 Unscheduled pick-up is a voluntary and free service provided by DHL. It is important that your shipments are sufficiently franked and that our employees have enough free loading capacity in their vehicle.

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