Receive all your shipments climate neutrally with GoGreen Plus...

... Regardless of who you receive a shipment from, you can now receive all parcels and merchandise mail* climate neutrally with GoGreen Plus. This means that we offset the greenhouse gas emissions that we can attribute to your delivered items. This is done through additional investments in measures that avoid CO2 emissions in our delivery network such as the use of biogas or electric trucks.

This is what the GoGreen Plus service offers

You decide how sustainable you want your shipments to be with DHL Paket.

We ensure that greenhouse gas emissions are avoided for the shipments you receive**.

You make an active contribution to sustainable logistics - at only EUR 3.79 (incl. VAT) for 12 months.

You can redeem your bonus points for the booking.

How to book GoGreen Plus

in your DHL Customer Account or in the Post & DHL App

Log in to your DHL customer account

At under "My Data & Services" in the Sustainability section, select the recipient service GoGreen Plus.

In the Post & DHL App

Choose and book GoGreen Plus in the Post & DHL App under "Mehr > Einstellungen > DHL Kundenkonto > Nachhaltigkeit > Empfängerservice.


Select a payment method or DHL bonus points if you have enough points. After successful booking, you will receive all your shipments in a climate-neutral way.

Receiving shipments with GoGreen Plus

You receive all your shipments climate neutrally with GoGreen Plus for 12 months and make an contribution to sustainability.

In order for us to be able to allocate all received shipments to you, it is important that you have entered matching data when ordering in the online shop and in the DHL customer account.

Our tip: Do you want to make your customer account even more secure and the receipt of parcels more convenient? When registering for one of our premium services, such as Packstation or digital notification, you will go through an address and recipient validation. This also increases the reliability of the allocation of shipments to your customer account.

GoGreen Plus - the next step towards climate-neutral delivery of your shipment

Since 2007, our GoGreen service has made it possible to offset shipping emissions after they have been generated by investing in climate protection projects. With GoGreen Plus, we are now taking the next step and offering a service that avoids the creation of greenhouse gas emissions. To help us do this, we are investing in additional reduction measures in our logistics network in Germany, e.g: 

Symbolbild nachhaltiger Empfang
  • Use of heat pumps in ZSP's own buildings
  • Use of electrically powered trucks and delivery vehicles
  • Use of biogas trucks
  • Use of hydrogenated vegetable oil as fuel

* Applies to all parcels and merchandise mail items that can be assigned to your customer account and for which the sender has not booked GoGreen Plus.

** By booking the recipient service GoGreen Plus, the average greenhouse gas emissions of a received shipment from DHL are avoided by insetting measures in our logistics network in Germany. There is no specific reference to the individual shipment in this service.

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