Nationwide Delivery on the next working day - flexible and reliable.


  • Shipment pickup
  • Up to two delivery attempts
  • Storage up to seven days
  • Money-back guarantee


Nationwide Delivery by 9:00 am, 10:00 am or 12:00 noon on the next working day

  • Up to 30 kg per shipment, before 09:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m.; up to 10 packages per shipment
  • Up to 70 kg per shipment before 12 noon; up to 10 packages per shipment
  • Up to 300 kg per shipment
  • Max. Dimensions: 120x80x80 cm per package
  • Your shipment can be delivered to a packstation (up to 31,5 kg, excluded ValuePack Service and dangerous goods)

Door-to-door delivery throughout Germany on the next working day

  • Up to 70 kg per package; up to 1,000 kg per shipment, max. 99 packages per shipment
  • Max. 120x80x80 cm per package
  • Pallet shipments up to 1,000 kg; max. dimensions: 120x100x160 cm
  • Your shipment can be delivered to a packstation (up to 31,5 kg, excluded ValuePack Service and dangerous goods)


Our top 5 domestic services

By opting for the optional delivery before 8 a.m. service, you can be sure that your Express shipment can be received before 8 a.m. by the consignee. Max. 30 kg per package.

With DHL Express your urgent shipments within Germany also reach their consignees on Saturdays.

With our GOGREEN service, the CO2 emissions caused by transportation are calculated in accordance with the specifications of ISO 14064 and as part of our climate protection programme offset through external projects and internal measures in accordance with ISO 14064.

The entire process is audited and certified by an external certification company.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Compensation of greenhouse gas emissions by investing in climate protection projects
  • Annual receipt of a certificate on the greenhouse gas emissions of your previous year's shipments and the related investments in climate protection
  • GoGreen stickers for labeling your shipments
  • Calculation of greenhouse gas emissions at shipping level

All information about GoGreen at a glance on our corporate website.

If you are sending sensitive documents or high value contents you can request DHL to obtain a direct signature from the consignee or a representative at the delivery address. DHL will ensure your shipment is not re-directed, or delivered at an alternative address.

Financial security for loss of document shipments. In the event of loss, the customer receives a EUR 400 refund regardless of the shipment value.

Other domestic services


For shipments with particularly valuable contents, you can choose additional transport insurance against loss or damage.

  • Germany-wide door-to-door delivery of jewelry, watches and gemstones up to 25,000 EUR the next working day
  • Handover only against authentication
  • Delivery pre 12:00 noon included
  • Pre 9:00 a.m. and pre 10:00 a.m. available
  • Free security envelope (own packaging not possible)

DHL Express can also pick up your urgent shipments on Saturdays in most areas. Just book this extra service and the courier will pick up the shipment within an agreed time window of 90 minutes.

When the Shipper has authorized that a delivery may be made without a proof of delivery, we leave the shipment in a safe place that you confirm to us, at the delivery address given by the Shipper. No charge applies.


In order to keep our high service level constant, surcharges for certain services accrue.