Well-packaged is well-received!

The right packaging is essential to ensuring that your parcel items are delivered safely, reliably and in good condition. 

Whether you are shipping just a few small packages and parcels or are a high-volume shipper, selecting the right packaging is a key part of preparing your items for dispatch.

Packaging tips and shipping materials for private customers

Are you a private customer who ships small packages and parcels in small quantities?

Packaging tips and advice for business customers

Do you ship over 200 parcels per year and have a DHL Parcel business customer contract?

To ensure the fast and reliable transport of your parcels and small packages to destinations across Germany and abroad, we have built a state-of-the-art, highly automated parcel network. The parcel journey, however, is not without its rigors. The right packaging protects your items, ensuring that parcels and small packages are delivered in great shape and on time. It also helps prevent damage or injury to contents, equipment or people.

During shipping, in our parcel centers and while out for delivery, your parcels and small packages face a variety of rigors such as external pressure and impact from being stacked or the bumps, jolts and jarring of road traffic. They may also be exposed to difficult weather conditions such as heat, cold or rain. That's why it's important to package your items correctly. It's doubly important when it comes to fragile items like glass bottles or other delicate objects.

Generally speaking, senders are responsible for making sure that an item is packaged appropriately. Some unfortunate consequences may indeed await parcels and small packages that have not been packaged properly. 

If an item is severely damaged during transport, it will have to be re-packaged - by us. That takes time. In some cases, it could mean that the item fails to reach the intended recipient on time. The shipper may also have to pay additional costs.

In addition, if other shipped items, operating equipment or people are damaged or injured as a result of inadequately protected contents, the sender may face liability claims or claims for damages.

Customers who follow our DHL packaging guidelines can rest assured that the transport of their items will be fast, safe and secure. Suitable outer packaging (a sturdy cardboard box), the correct inner packaging (appropriate filler materials), and the right seals (no protruding strapping) give your merchandise the best possible protection.

To help you choose right packaging, we offer our private customers and small businesses handy shipping boxes with proven quality for every occasion. Our DHL Packsets come in five different sizes, and we offer special colorful seasonal editions that are ideal for sending gifts or serving as decorative storage boxes. With DHL Packets and special editions, you can rely on particularly sustainable packaging too: all of the emissions generated by the production process are offset through investments in global climate protection products.

For customers with greater shipping needs, we offer Packset bundles at attractive prices for orders of 300 or more. Save time and money on the packaging of your items with our specially designed Packsets. 

The right Packset, our attractive colorful special editions and other types of boxes can be purchased in the Deutsche Post shop

Our DHL Paket business customers and frequent shippers will find a wide selection of DHL packaging products on the DHL Business Customer Portal, under "Order": From DHL packages, boxes of all sizes, to shipping labels, everything you need to package your parcels the right way. Our DHL packaging inspection (German only) offer useful tips for your shipments. During the packaging check, you will receive expert advice on all questions ranging from the packaging quick test to packaging certification. Our DHL packaging guidelines provide all the information you need to get the best results from your packaging: What's the right way to package my items? What do I do if I want to ship glass? How does film wrapping of a DHL Paket product work?

Not yet a DHL Parcel business customer but ship 200 or more parcels per year? Conclude your DHL business customer contract in four easy steps here.