Support DHL Express Invoicing

DHL Express e-Billing

With DHL Express e-Billing, you can keep an eye on your transport and customs bills at any time and benefit from numerous bill management options.
You will find all relevant information here.

DHL Parcel shipments or postal matters

Do you have questions about the shipment status of your DHL Parcel shipment or postal matters? Please contact the
DHL Parcel customer service or call +49 228 4 333 112*.

DHL Express shipments

Do you have questions about your DHL Express invoice? Contact us via the following contact forms.

For example wrong invoice amount, wrong invoice recipient, request for invoice copies. To the form

For example late delivery, undelivered shipment, damaged shipment. To the form

Do you have general questions about your invoice? To the form

* 20 ct per call from a German landline, max. 60 ct from a German mobile network