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Whether you are a young start-up or an established medium-sized business - grow with your company across national borders and don't worry about customs clearance! Our international specialists will not leave you alone when it comes to customs clearance.

We do it for you and support you in all challenges! And as a small customer you already save up to 49  %.

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Customs clearance included

With every international shipment, customs clearance is included with DHL Express - and your shipment is usually already cleared and ready for onward transport to the recipient before it arrives in the destination country.

Diverse customs services

A wide range of optional services are available for your very specific customs clearance requirements. From preparing your export declaration to flexible options for paying duties and taxes.

Customs expertise

Our customs experts ensure that your goods are reliably cleared through customs and work hand in hand with the local customs authorities to do so. Whether import or export - they always know what to do.

Need more support? We have it for you!

Concentrate on the essentials and we'll do the rest! With our customs services, customs clearance becomes even easier for you.

Registration, Documents & Customs Data

You don't have to be a customs expert to export your goods all over the world. With our AES export declaration service (Automated Export Declaration Service), you leave the declaration of your export consignments to us. We declare your shipment via ATLAS and create the export accompanying document (ABD) for you, which includes 5 tariff items.

When clearing your customs application, 5 different commodity tariff numbers or countries of origin are included in the DHL Express shipment price. For each additional item in the application, a fee will be charged for the individual clearance of the item.

If the export of goods exceeding a certain value is subject to additional controls, DHL Express will prepare or obtain the necessary export documents in the country of departure.

Clearance of a shipment for which additional special forms are required (e.g. removal goods, consular and embassy goods, trial goods, CITES goods, etc.).

Subsequent amendment of the duty notice at the customer's request, such as change of values, tariff numbers, country of manufacture or trading conditions, in order to correct the import duties, if necessary. The recipient is liable for payment.

Payment of duties & taxes

At the customer's request, DHL will clear the shipment through customs in the country of receipt and arrange for applicable import duties, taxes and government levies to be charged to a DHL account in the country of departure or a third country instead of charging them to the consignee in the country of receipt. The duty taxpayer is charged an additional fee based on a fixed price or percentage of the tax duties paid.

This service is especially interesting for online merchants, as their buyers will know the final price at the time of purchase and will not be surprised by upcoming customs duties.

Please note that this service is not available in all destination countries.

Upon request, DHL Express will handle the shipment in the receiving country and arrange for any applicable import duties, taxes and government levies to be charged to a specific DHL Express account in the receiving country.

This can be the shipment recipient itself, but also a third party with a valid import account number in the receiving country. The duty taxpayer will be charged an additional fee based on a fixed price or a percentage of the interpreted tax duties.

Customs process

To carry out all inspections required by biological, sanitary, veterinary, quarantine, or other regulations and to prepare appropriate documentation required by customs authorities for the clearance of such imports.

In the event that a shipment is subject to extensive inspections by customs authorities, the Physical Intervention service includes the complete or partial unloading of a vehicle, marking and/or voiding of samples, or examination of the contents of the shipment.

Provision of the data and shipment documents (Broker Notification) or the goods and documents (Release to Broker) to the self-customs agent or freight forwarder so that the latter can carry out customs clearance.

Storage of goods in the bonded warehouse at the request of the customer or due to a delay in customs clearance not caused by DHL Express (e.g. due to missing/insufficient customs documents or customs data). Storage becomes subject to storage charges from the third calendar day and is invoiced to the payer of customs duties and taxes (Bonded Storage).

Returned goods, reimportation & T1

Creation of a T1 shipping procedure for the duty-free forwarding of goods to the consignee authorized by the customs authority under customs supervision. Creation of customs documents (e.g. T1) in the country of departure to enable transportation under customs supervision from a free trade zone/customs warehouse.

This allows you to better utilize your customized customs procedures and control the sequence and type of customs clearance yourself.

Duty-free re-importation of previously exported shipments.