Meeting the challenges of high-value premium shipping with the logistics solution of DHL 2-Mann-Handling

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Industry: Telecommunications

Products:  Large flat-screen TVs as an add-on item for DSL/mobile orders

Customer challenge

  • Reliable shipping of high-quality flat screen TVs across Germany

  • Sustainable shipping solution

Our solution

  • Climate neutral delivery to the customer's place of choice
  • Easy set up in just 3 months


Customer benefits

  • Expansion of the premium portfolio
  • Clearly structured customer portal DeliverIT
Customer challenge

With around 15 million customer contracts and 3,200 employees, 1&1 AG is one of the leading telecommunications providers in Germany. The listed company is known for innovative mobile and broadband products. 1&1 is the price leader in the industry and must meet high expectations with its award-winning customer service.

The company was looking for a logistics provider for shipping high-quality add-on products such as large-format flat-screen TVs. The previous shipping partners were not able to handle shipments of this size.

The most important requirement for the new logistics service provider was a fast, customer-oriented and reliable delivery to the place of choice throughout Germany. In addition, the service had to support the telecommunications provider's sustainability agenda.


Our solution

1&1 approached DHL 2-Mann-Handling to deliver large-format 65-inch flat-screen TVs to 1&1 customers. The aim was also to build the foundation for adding other large-volume items to the product portfolio.

For the sensitive and bulky flatscreen TVs, DHL offers the appropriate services for 1&1: Germany-wide delivery to the point of use and uncomplicated returns processes. In addition, 1&1 has opted for the GoGreen service to meet the sustainability requirements of its customers.

" As a telecommunications provider, we have to keep pace with the times. We want to meet the demands of our customers. This also includes mastering logistical challenges with modern solutions. This is where we benefit from the cooperation with DHL 2-Mann-Handling. Our new partner meets all our requirements and is also climate neutral with the GoGreen service."

Sven Pauer, Head of Logistics Strategy & Development, 1&1 AG

Thanks to the good communication between the partners, the implementation was realised in just under three months, as was the technical connection via an interface. The intensive dialogue still takes place regularly.


Customer benefits

1&1 has its finger on the pulse of the times and can master the demands of its customers and the associated logistical challenges thanks to DHL 2-Mann-Handling.

The telecommunications provider is now able to add further large and bulky premium products and can respond even more specifically to its customers' wishes. With DHL's logistics solution, everything is possible - from air conditioning units to smart desks.

The customer appreciates the well-structured customer portal DeliverIT, which also makes it easy to train the agents at the company.

Today, 1&1 and DHL 2-Mann-Handling work together as progressive solution finders. All doors are open for further business developments. Besides promotional business, seasonal business and regular dispatch with steadily increasing volumes are now also possible.