Mail item list

The mail item list of the free item tracking function makes it possible to search for 50 shipments simultaneously by separating each with a space or comma. These include items with an additional mail service such as Einschreiben and Einschreiben international (domestic and international registered items), Prio (priority mail), Nachnahme (cash on delivery) and Nachnahme international items as well as formal delivery orders and items with Internetmarke franking or stamps. It also includes items franked with franking machines provided that a contract for mail tracking for franking machines has been concluded.

Items are initially sorted and displayed in descending order by date of the first scan. The search results can be sorted in descending or ascending order in each column. The mail item list can be exported as a CSV file.

Item details can be viewed using the red arrow at the right of the screen. You have the option of viewing a detailed tracking history or, under "Aktionen" (Actions), the option of downloading a PDF with complete information for each item. For Einschreiben (registered mail) and Einschreiben Rückschein (registered mail with return receipt) items, you may also view a delivery receipt by selecting "Auslieferungsbeleg anzeigen."

Information per item:

Information Meaning/definition
Date of 1st Scan Date of the first scan of the item. Typically generated at posting when, for example, an Einschreiben is posted at a retail outlet or an item with basic tracking is posted at the initial inbound mail center.
Item number Contains all item numbers associated with the item from franking marks or marks indicating an additional mail service, for example, the Einschreiben label.
 Product Shows the product for the particular item according to the franking mark.
 Item status  

Contains the current status of the letter as a short text.
The final status of mail items without an additional service is indicated with a green checkmark and the word "Abgeschlossen" (completed). If the status is "Im Zielgebiet angekommen" (arrived in destination area) or, for international mail items, "Übergabe Zielland" (handed over in destination country), the item is also considered "Abgeschlossen."
The final status for mail with Einschreiben (registered items) as an additional service is also indicated with the word "Abgeschlossen." If the status is "Zugestellt" (delivered) or "Abholung erfolgreich" (pick-up successful), the item is also considered "Abgeschlossen."
The item status is temporarily unavailable for items with Prio or Nachnahme as an additional service. Information on the status of these items can be accessed by clicking on the link shown.

Date of status Shows the date and time of the current shipment status.
Tracking history/item details as PDF Note:
The tracking history and the PDF download are available temporarily only for mail items with basic mail tracking and no additional service or for Einschreiben (registered mail) items.
Display delivery receipt For Einschreiben (registered mail) and Einschreiben Rückschein (registered mail with return receipt) items displaying the final status of "Abgeschlossen", the delivery document or the return receipt is displayed and available for downloading. 
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