With DHL economy sets, you can enjoy cheaper shipping costs from just 10 shipments1

Are you having a clear out and selling some things online? Or do you like to send packages and parcels to your loved ones? Then DHL economy sets can save you money. They come in sets of 101 - as physical shipping labels or as online coupon codes.

The benefits for you

  • Ship within Germany starting at EUR 3.59 
  • Save up to EUR 80 of your shipping fee2
  • Combine economy sets flexibly online
  • Easy to manage in your DHL customer account3
  • New: Transport insurance available in the DHL economy set

How the online coupon codes work in DHL Online Franking

Flexibly combine shipping labels in increments of 10 according to your needs to create an economy set. The more you need, the more you save.

1. Select economy set

Combine shipping labels in increments of 10 according to your needs to create an economy set, place it in the shopping basket and pay online.

2. Save or print coupon codes

You will receive coupon codes to download and can save them or print them. If you are logged into your customer account when you purchase the coupon codes in DHL Online Franking, the codes will also be stored there for you.

3. Redeem coupon codes

To redeem, create a shipping label in DHL Online Franking and redeem a corresponding coupon code in the "Shopping cart/Checkout" step. The amount is paid automatically and you can print out the shipping label. If you are logged in to your customer account, you will automatically be offered the option to redeem existing codes. It doesn't get any easier!

Coupon codes are valid for three years.

Screenshot Login

You can now access your economy set codes online whenever you want. To manage these codes, select "My Coupon Codes" from the menu. Simply log in to your customer account online or in the Post & DHL app.

Screenshot verfügbare Codes

In the "My Coupon Codes" menu item you can simply redeem one of your available codes for your current parcel shipment.

Screenshot Übersicht

You always have an overview of economy set coupon codes you have purchased or already redeemed. This also works with the handy Post & DHL app.

Your economy sets bought via DHL Online Franking are now also saved in your DHL customer account if you are logged in when you make the purchase. This allows you to get an overview of your supply at any time. During the payment process, your economy sets are displayed directly to you and automatically inserted. The benefits are twofold: you save money and are able to manage your purchased parcel labels easily.

This means that you are prepared even for large shipment volumes.

And all without any contractual obligations!

Order DHL economy sets now

Economy sets are also available for physical parcel labels. You can order physical economy sets in the Deutschen Post shop.

1 For shipping to the EU, sets of three shipping labels or online coupon codes are available.
2 When buying ten sets of 10 parcel labels of 2 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg and 31.5 kg compared to buying them individually.
3 If you are logged in to your customer account when purchasing coupon codes in DHL Online Franking.

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