Complete and digitally transmitted data lead to a fast and smooth handling process and on time delivery. Because:

100 % digitalisation means maximum speed of customs clearance!


  • Time and cost saving: printouts and handling of documents in paper form are no longer necessary - you save time, resources and protect the environment!
  • Reduction of error sources: Manual processes in shipment preparation and customs clearance are potential sources of error
  • Acceleration of handling: Digital processes also mean shorter handling times 
  • Preparing global requirements: Not if, but when... Increasing global customs clearance requirements necessitate the switch to digital processing - be prepared now!


Shipment Data Customs data on line item level Customs invoice
Transmission via shipping system Transmission via shipping system Transmission via DHL Paperless Trade as digital image

Shipment Data

Information such as address and contact details of the sender and recipient, size and weight of the consignment etc. are transmitted directly via the shipping system.

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Customs data on line item level

In addition to the shipment data, all customs-relevant data is entered into the shipping system on line item level during the booking process and transmitted directly when the shipment is booked.

In terms of content, the customs data corresponds to the information on your commercial or proforma invoice.

Customs invoice

Customs data obligatory must be provided digitally to the customs authorities for clearance. This applies not only to customs data at line item level, but also to the customs invoice as a digital image file.

With DHL Paperless Trade (PLT), you can easily transfer your customs invoice and accompanying documents as a digital image.