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Frequently asked questions for users of MyBill - FAQs

MyBill is the user-friendly portal from DHL where you can view and download your transport invoices online. As soon as an invoice has been issued, you will receive an email with the invoice attached as a PDF as well as a link to the MyBill website. On the website you can view your invoices and download files in a variety of formats.

Your username is the email address you used to register. You choose your own password. If you have forgotten your password, simply enter your email address as your username in the login field at and click on the link "Forgotten password?" An email with a temporary password will be sent to you.

All transport invoices for your account can be found on the MyBill portal. Customs invoices and accompanying documents are still available on the DHL e-Billing-Hub.

Your online history in MyBill begins with the first invoice that you received electronically. Invoices that you received before you registered for DHL e-Billing are not shown in your history. Transport invoices that were stored on the DHL e-Billing hub will be migrated to MyBill for you.

Step 1: Click on the following link: That will take you right to the MyBill portal. Enter your username and password.
Step 2: A list of your invoices can be found on the Invoicing page.
Step 3: Click on the invoice that you would like to view.

Invoices can be downloaded in different file formats (PDF, XML, as well as CSV format for importing into other applications such as Excel). MyBill also offers different types of CSV formats:

  • CSV: Data displayed on several lines per waybill so that freight fees and surcharges can be itemized.
  • Standard CSV: All data is shown in a single line.

Yes. Just click on the waybill link to display the waybill.

No, that function is not yet available. To submit a complaint, send an email to

No, that function is not yet available.

No. To have that set up, please contact your DHL Express service partner in Sales.

All you need is access to the Internet. Then you can register for MyBill and use Adobe Acrobat as a PDF reader to view your invoices online. MyBill is web-based. You do not need to install any additional software.

Here you have three options: On the "My Account" page on the MyBill portal, you can change your email address yourself; send an email to to notify us; or contact your DHL Express service partner in Sales.

No. Please let us know if you want to make changes to your official company data by contacting your DHL Express service partner in Sales.

Yes. We use a combination of digital signatures and powerful encryption technology to ensure security.

Yes, compliance with VAT law is ensured. DHL e-Billing invoices are certified and legitimate. They comply with the relevant VAT legal requirements of the EU and Germany.

Invoices sent as PDF files have an electronic signature. This signature ensures that the invoice was issued by DHL.

Please make sure that your spam/junk filters are not blocking emails from the following address:

If problems persist, please "white-list" the following IP addresses and domain names that are used for sending out invoices:

IP addresses:

Domain names:
We use the following domain names for sending invoices:,, and

No, you will not continue to receive paper-based invoices. However, you still have the option of printing out your invoices if you need to.

To receive answers to general questions, send an e-mail at any time to For answers to technical questions, contact