With the "Parcel Recall" service, you can ask for your shipment to be returned to you from anywhere in Germany if you suspect that you will not receive payment or if an order is canceled at short notice. This is even possible after your consignment has been handed over to DHL, provided it has not yet been loaded into the delivery vehicle.

Benefits of Parcel Recall

  • Flexible response to changes in customer requirements
  • Security should you suspect mail order fraud
  • Attractive pricing

Are you interested in our Parcel Recall service?

I am already a business customer of DHL Paket and would like to use the Parcel Recall service.

I am not yet a business customer of DHL Paket but am interested in the Parcel Recall service.

The Parcel Recall service can be ordered directly via DHL shipment tracking for DHL business customers or via the Track & Trace function in the Post & DHL Business Customer Portal. Alternatively, you can use a web service to place an order.

After your parcel recall request, we will cancel your shipment before it is loaded into the delivery vehicle. We will then initiate return of the shipment to your sender address.

  • The Parcel Recall service becomes chargeable only if your request can be completed successfully, meaning that your shipment is returned to you.
  • Return fee: EUR 4.00 per shipment plus VAT