Use supplementary additional insurance to protect parcels with valuable contents!
Additional insurance enables you to insure your parcels against damage and loss beyond the EUR 500 liability cap over their entire transport route - up to a maximum amount of EUR 25,000.

Benefits of additional insurance

  • Protection when shipping valuable parcels.
  • Higher protection level with insurance up to EUR 2,500 or EUR 25,000.
  • Compensation for loss or damage, even when DHL is not at fault.
Insured amout Price
up to EUR 2.500 + EUR 6.99 (in addition to parcel price)
up to EUR 25.000 + EUR 19.99 (in addition to parcel price)


Are you interested in additional insurance?

I am already a business customer of DHL Paket and would like to send goods with additional insurance.

I am not yet a business customer of DHL Paket but am interested in sending goods with additional insurance.

Additional insurance FAQ

DHL will pay compensation for packages damaged or lost in transit.

  • The insured amount is the documented material value of your shipment at the time of collection or posting.
    • For a total loss, the replacement cost.
    • For damage or partial loss, the actual damage incurred.
  • Additional insurance is purchased for each individual parcel.
  • Certain valuables are only allowed up to a value of EUR500, so they cannot be shipped and insured above that amount. You can find more information about the allowed good here.

If the packaging is adequate, DHL additional insurance provides coverage of up to EUR 25,000 for all risks over the entire duration of transport (from the time when the parcel is dropped off at DHL until it is delivered). It thus provides protection beyond the EUR 500 liability that is included for all parcels shipped within Germany.

  Liability Additional insurance
Compensation for material damage to shipped goods (compensation for value) if DHL culpably caused the damage
  • up to EUR 500
  • up to the agreed amout: EUR 2,500 or EUR 25,000
Compensation for value, even if DHL was not at fault for the event causing the damages, for example in cases of force majeure (such as fire or storm)    
  • up to the agreed amout: EUR 2,500 or EUR 25,000

When shipping a parcel with additional insurance, you can insure items up to a maximum value of EUR 25,000.

However, certain items (class II valuables) are only allowed up to a value of EUR 500 per day and recipient. So valuables of this kind with a value exceeding EUR 500 cannot be insured. For shipping within Germany, this includes:

Securities (money-equivalent instruments honored by banks), e.g.: Other valuables, e.g.:
Valid postage stamps (German and foreign)
Cash (currency and coins)
Dividend certificates, profit-share certificates Precious metals, e.g. gold, silver, platinum
Checks, blank traveler's checks
Admission tickets and travel tickets (transferable)
Watches, except wearables (e.g. smartwatches)
Vouchers, coupons
Revenue stamps, interest coupons
Works of art, paintings, antiques, one-of-a-kind items and other precious objects (e.g. items with value to collectors such as stamps, coins, figurines, etc.)

You can find more information about the allowed goods here.

Please make sure that your parcel is carefully and securely packaged. This means sturdy exterior packaging and suitable interior packaging, and the parcel must be securely sealed. No insurance coverage can be assured for inadequately packaged parcels.

You can find useful information and tips about packaging here.

Please avoid using packaging that suggests that a parcel could contain high-value items.

DHL additional insurance does not cover damages such as the following:

  • Damage caused because you failed to adequately package or prepare a parcel.
  • Damage to parcels that were not dropped off at DHL retail outlets or handed over in person; this means that dropping off a parcel with additional insurance in a Packstation is not allowed.
  • Normal damage caused by leaks, normal weight or volume reduction, or normal wear and tear of the contents.
  • Damage that was deliberately caused by the sender.
  • Damage as a result of the natural properties of the contents, e.g. internal spoilage.

You can download the detailed insurance terms and conditions her: