Use your customer account to ship parcels conveniently

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Use your customer account to ship parcels conveniently

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Simply practical - ship using your customer account

  • Additional savings with online franking
    Whether it's a DHL Economy Set or individual parcel stamp: You're ready to dispatch your shipment at any time. And you can even save up to EUR 1.50 per parcel compared with postal outlet prices.

  • Simple shipping and a clear overview
    Thanks to the automatic shipment overview, you'll always know the status of your parcels.  The practical shipment functions, including an address book and file import, will help you save time getting your shipments ready to send.

  • Collect valuable bonus points
    Collect new bonus points each time you ship a parcel - such as for parcel stamps - while also saving money.

Practical functions for your shipments

Save or edit all important addresses and access them directly via DHL Online Franking.

Edit or import address

Export your address from the corresponding source (such as Outlook) as a CSV file and store it to your PC. Then click on "Browse" and select that CSV file. Click on "Import Address" to load the addresses into your address book.

Extra convenient: the sender address field is already pre-filled.

Link to eBay account

For eBay shippers, it's easy to link your account to DHL Online Franking. Simply import the address into your account from eBay and take advantage of convenient shipping with online franking.

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