Become a Packstation customer today

Register for Packstation and use the many advantages it offers when receiving and sending parcels and small parcels. Registering also gives you the option to participate in our bonus points programme.

Using the Packstation

  • To receive parcels at the Packstation, you must complete a one-off registration
  • We will check your address using an identity / address check method for your and our security
  • The entire registration process takes 3 - 5 working days, after which you can use the Packstation

How to activate the Packstation service

1. Registration (5 min.)

To use the Packstation service, you will need a DHL customer account. If you have not yet registered, you can easily create a free DHL customer account here in just a few steps and activate the Packstation service.

2. Activation (2 min.)

If you are already registered and have a DHL customer account, you can conveniently activate the the Packstation service here. All you have to do is log in with your access data and follow the further steps.

3. Identity check & address check (3 - 5 days)

Following successful registration, we then check your data from the registration process. 

  1. Once we have been able to automatically verify your details, you will receive your personal AddressTan in the post a few working days later. To complete the address verification process, please enter the AddressTan here
  2. If we are unable to automatically confirm your identity, you will receive an e-mail or message in your DHL customer account inviting you to complete the photo identity process using POSTIDENT. To do this, have your personal ID card, passport or driving licence handy.

Following successful identity and address checks, you will receive a further activation code (QR code) by letter.

Not received an activation code? You can request a new code in the Post & DHL App in the "Packstation" section.

4. Installing the app & enabling the device (5 min.)

Install the Post & DHL App and call up the "Packstation" menu item via the main menu. Using the "Activate now" button, you can conveniently scan in the activation code (QR code) sent to you by post and start using the Packstation service straight away.

1. Install the app

Already got the app? Then you just need to update it.

Download the Post & DHL App

Download the Post & DHL App (for Android and iOS)

Also: The app also works on tablets!

Screenshot Log in

Use your Postnumber or e-mail address and password from your customer account to log in.

Screenshot Enable the Packstation via SMS

If nothing happens, enable the Packstation via SMS section.

2. Activating a smartphone

Screenshot Activation

In the Post & DHL App, tap the Activate button in the Packstation section.

Screenshot Activation

If your smartphone is not activated straight away, tap DHL customer card and scan the barcode of your DHL customer card. Your device is activated!

Screenshot Request activation code

Tap Request activation code if your customer card does not have a barcode or if you no longer have your customer card. This will trigger the sending of the activation code via the post, and it will reach you within 2 - 5 days.

Scan the activation code in using the Post & DHL App, and your smartphone is activated.

Download the Post & DHL app now

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