Your benefits

  • Receive parcels at home even when you are away
  • Delivery of your shipment to a location of your choice on your property
  • Our delivery agents will pick up your pre-franked parcels and returns at the deposited drop-off location
  • Reduction of infection risks through personal contacts
  • Allow up to four other members in your household1 to benefit from your drop-off location

How the preferred location works

1. Set a preferred location

Select the free preferred location service in your customer account.

Tip: Enter up to four other members of your household1 for them to use the drop-off location service. 

Please note*: The preferred location must be on your property, freely accessible and not in the line of sight for third parties. It should also be dry and protected against the elements.

2. Receipt at your preferred location

If no one answers the door for the deliverer, then your shipment will be dropped off in the specified location.

Our tip: Arranging a scheduled pick-up? Have your parcels picked up from that same preferred location.

3. Receive notification

You'll receive notification via email or as a notification slip in your mailbox, as soon as your shipment has been dropped off in the preferred location.With the Post & DHL app, you also receive the notification via push notification.

Set a preferred location for individual shipments*: If you wish for only one shipment to be dropped off at the preferred location, then choose the service directly in your parcel notification, track & trace or the Post & DHL app.

* If the preferred location cannot be found by the deliverer, or is deemed unsuitable, then the parcel will be delivered to a postal outlet or re-delivered on the next work day.

Your parcel is waiting for you at home!

Receive parcels even when you are not at home: Simply choose a drop-off location on your property. Either for individual parcels or permanently for all shipments. If the delivery agent does not reach you at home, the parcels will be left in a safe and dry place, for example in your garage or garden shed, and will be collected from there if required.
Are there other members in your household1 who might like to use your drop-off location? No problem, because you can specify up to four additional people1 whose shipments will also be deposited at your drop-off location by the delivery agent. With DHL, you can.

Further Information

1 Please note that this only applies to persons living in your household. It is important that you obtain the consent of these people before you add them by name to your account.

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