General Billing Information

For business customers

Your parcels are verified against the shipment data transmitted by you and the data recorded by DHL. By doing this, we offer you transparency and make it easier for you to check your invoice.

Your benefits

  • Transparency

By verifying the shipment information, we ensure transparent invoicing of any unannounced shipments.

In addition, we provide you with an electronic proof of shipments along with the invoice.

  • Simplicity

You no longer have to retroactively cancel parcels that you commissioned but did not actually send. You will only be invoiced for shipments that you actually post.

This will be indicated separately on the invoice.

  • Flexibility

You have two options for how information is presented on the invoice:

  • Summarized display of all shipments in the overview
  • List of all individual shipments, with information on shipment number, name and address of the recipient

Invoice Options

DHL Paket offers invoices in three different variants.

We provide you with your invoice as a PDF file in the DHL Business Customer Portal.

Here, you can view, download, and archive your invoices conveniently at any time, and can also handle your complete parcel shipping process, order shipping material, and much more.

Simply log into the Business Customer Portal here.

We provide you with your invoice to download as a structured file and also as a PDF file with a qualified electronic signature.

Your benefits

  • Process costs: Reduce your workload with our paperless invoice. Reduce your process costs through the increased level of automation for invoice processing and archiving.
  • Transit time: You will receive your invoice within a day, even on weekends and public holidays.
  • Environmental protection: Make an active contribution toward environmental protection by reducing CO2 emissions (no delivery) and saving resources (paper and ink).

We will send you a paper copy of your invoice by postal mail.

Level of Information

Flexible display of all shipments: individually or summarized

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