Energy surcharge (since 01.01.2023)

Month Surcharge
April 2024 1.25%
May 2024 1.25%
June 2024 1.25%
July 2024 1.25%

The energy surcharge is our response to short-term fluctuations in energy costs that are outside of our control. The percentage-based addition to the shipment price is derived from the current energy mix for an average shipment and takes into consideration the weighted change rates of the following three indices:

• Diesel: Producer price index for diesel for major consumers (GP19 20 26 005 2) Excel sheet 61241-01

• Gas: Producer price index for natural gas for industry (GP09-3522 22) Excel sheet 61241-01

• Electricity: Producer price index for electricity for customers with special agreements (GP09-3511 14/15) Excel sheet 61241-01

Please note that we pass these increases on to you only if the weighted change rate is 20% or higher. Surcharges will be updated no more than once per month. The threshold value and the latest surcharges can be found in the tables below.

The calculation of the surcharge is based on the average index for 2021.  

Image Enery Mix


Please also note that the energy mix and thus the weightings of the indices are updated annually on April 1 of each year. For years now, we have taken a range of steps to reduce the carbon emissions we generate. Today, for example, we now use over 20,000 electric vehicles in our delivery operations. We also intend to gradually reduce our reliance on fossil fuels in the coming years. More information about our path to zero emissions in Germany can be found here.

Owing to the publication schedule of the index and our desire to inform you as soon as possible about the amount of the surcharge, the energy surcharge of the current month is based in each case on energy prices from three months ago. The published indices as of the first day of the billing month are decisive for the calculation. Retroactive changes to the indices are not considered.

Only for illustration purposes, you will find an example of an energy surcharge calculation for the month of July 2024:

Index Base year index (2021) Current index
(April 2024)
Change Weighting
Diesel 100.0 124.5 +24.5% 86%
Natural gas 100.0 189.0 +89% 2%
Electricity 100.0 106.1 +6.1% 12%
Weighted index change 100.0 123.6 +23.6% 100%

With the reporting month January 2024, the base year in the producer price index for industrial products was changed to 2021 = 100 due to an EU regulation that defines 2021 as the new base year.

Weighted index change versus fixed reference period Surcharge (%)
<20%  0%
+20-39%  1.25%
+40%-59% 2.50%
+60%-79% 3.75%
Each additional 20% +1.25%
→ For the month of July 2024 the energy surcharge is thus 1.25%  

The surcharge is added as a percentage to the base price for your shipment and commercially rounded to whole cents. 

Example: The price for your parcel is EUR 5.00. The energy surcharge is 1.25%. The total price including the energy surcharge is then EUR 5.06.

Frequently asked questions

In delivery operations, our 120,000 staff members deliver the mail to a significant degree on foot, by bike and in electric vehicles. The overall result is that today we provide zero-carbon delivery in approximately 50% of our districts. For long-distance transport between our parcel centers, 6% of parcel volumes go by rail.  The rest are transported, as they are in our pickup services, almost exclusively with diesel vehicles. But we are actively working on these areas as well, which is why we annually update the energy mix for shipping. Thanks to our numerous investments in sustainability, today we can charge considerably lower energy surcharges than our competitors.

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