DHL’s bulky goods service makes it possible for business customers to send merchandise that does not conform to standard dimensions or has an unusual format, special packaging features or uses certain packaging materials. Items are processed individually to ensure your parcels are transported quickly and securely to their recipient.

Benefits of bulky goods service

  • Flexible shipping for non-standard parcel dimensions or for items with special packaging formats, features or materials
  • Rapid-dispatch manual processing of your bulky goods

Are you interested in our bulky goods service?

I am already a business customer of DHL Paket and would like to send merchandise as bulky goods.

I am not yet a business customer of DHL Paket but am interested in bulky goods shipping.

Sending bulky goods? Here’s what you need to know.

The following are some of the items that qualify as bulky goods:

Shipments that do not conform to standard dimensions or require special processing due to their physical properties (e.g. non-standard formats, packaging features or certain packaging materials).

Bulky goods include the following items:

  • Items that deviate the dimensions (15 x 11 x 1 cm / 120 x 60 x 60 cm) (maximum dimension: length: 200 cm; girth measurements*: 360 cm)
  • Form of packaging
    • Round items (maximum dimensions: length: 120 cm diameter: 60 cm)
    • Items with triangular cross-section
    • Items where parts of the packaging protrude
    • Items that have an uneven supporting surface and are unstable
    • Items that are not cuboid
    • Items that cannot be transported stably on the sorting systems e.g. by uneven surface or spreading packaging parts and that are unstable
  • Special packaging features
    • Items with loose string or strapping
    • Items that cannot be transported on the sorting systems due to the external nature or their unstable contents and inadequate internal packaging
  • Packaging Material
    • Some synthetics/films
    • Metal
    • Wood/engineered wood
    • Fabric
    • Items with black outer packaging/packaging material
    • Items completely wrapped in packaging tape

*longest side + 2 x width + 2 x height

The service is already part of your contract and can be ordered directly via the DHL shipping logistics system (e.g. by using the Ship function in the Post & DHL Business Customer Portal). Of course the service is also available to you if you program your shipping logistics system autonomously.

Thanks to individual manual processing, we take care of the shipment and ensure that even non-standard parcels are transported swiftly to the recipient.