The increasing use of DHL Preferred Delivery Services such as drop-off location or neighbor means that fewer recipients than ever are personally receiving shipments at home, and the number keeps dropping. That also means recipients do not have the option of refusing to accept delivery. Our "Digital Refusal to Accept Delivery" service now gives your customers that choice - as long as the item has not yet been loaded into the delivery vehicle.

How you benefit from the "Digital Refusal to Accept Delivery" recipient service

  • Faster return of your shipments unopened
  • Simplified processes for returned goods
  • Environmentally friendlier operations thanks to easier reuse of returned goods

Frequently asked questions and answers

Activation of the Digital Refusal to Accept Delivery service automatically triggers the return of the shipment to you, the original sender. The process is the same as refusal to accept delivery at the door or the expiration of the storage period at retail outlets or Packstations.

If you would like to exclude the Digital Refusal to Accept Delivery offer for all your shipments, you can have your customer number (EKP) placed on a blacklist for the service. Please contact your competent DHL Customer Service to activate this option.