Customers' parcel delivery expectations have increased enormously. They want more flexibility and planning certainty, and like to decide for themselves how and where they receive their deliveries. With DHL Preferred Delivery, you offer your customers the right delivery options for individual parcel receipt and help to ensure a positive buyer experience - from ordering through delivery!

How you benefit from
DHL Preferred Delivery

  • Higher delivery rates and fewer returns
  • Increased customer satisfaction and repeat customers
  • No additional costs - free of charge for you and your customers

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Icon Retail Outlet

Postal outlet

Your customers can address their shipments directly to a parcel shop or postal outlet of their choice.

Icon Packstation


Your customers can address their parcels directly to one of the more than 13,500 Packstations and Poststations throughout Germany and pick them up or drop them off there around the clock.1

Icon Drop-off Location

Drop-off location

Your customers specify a drop-off location on their premises (such as the garage) at which the shipment can be deposited. The delivery agent then drops off the parcel at this location without attempting to personally deliver it to the customer's front door. We notify customers of successful delivery at the agreed location as usual by placing a card in their mailbox or sending them an e-mail.

Icon Neighbor


Your customers can specify a neighbor in their immediate vicinity. If the recipient is not at home at the time of delivery, the delivery agent attempts to deliver to this designated neighbor.

Icon Digital Refusal to Accept Delivery

Digital Refusal to Accept Delivery

Recipients can digitally refuse to accept delivery up until the moment the shipment is loaded into the delivery vehicle. You benefit from this service because your shipments are returned quickly and unopened. Click here for more details.

1 Opening times may vary at individual locations.

During the ordering process - for example at checkout from your webshop - you ask your customers if they would like to include the option of delivery to a specific neighbor or drop-off location. When ordering a shipment, simply send DHL your customer's Preferred Location (Drop-off Location) or Preferred Neighbor (Neighbor) along with the EDI data via the shipping logistics system.

Customers who conveniently order online also want flexibility and independence when their parcels are delivered. Let your customers choose a Preferred Location (Drop-off Location) or Preferred Neighbor (Neighbor) during checkout.

Here DHL Paket offers you the option of simply integrating the DHL Preferred Delivery services directly into the checkout feature of your online shop. For additional information about integrating DHL delivery options into your webshop, see