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How to receive your parcels at the Packstation

Receive your parcels when it suits you best. Choose a Packstation near you from more than 12,000 locations and enter this as the delivery address during the ordering process.

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How to receive your parcels at a Packstation

1. Enable the Packstation service

For use the Packstation service, you will need a DHL customer account and the Post & DHL App. We have summarised all of the information around enabling the Packstation service for you.

Tip: If it was not possible to deliver your parcel to your home address and your parcel has been diverted to a Packstation, you do not need to register. Simply scan the notification code from the notification card in your letter box or notification e-mail at the Packstation.

2. Addressing a shipment

Address your parcel to a Packstation as follows:

Packstation Adressierung

To receive your shipment at a Packstation, enter the following as the delivery address in three simple steps.

  1. After your first name and surname, enter your personal customer number (also known as your Postnumber) in the address suffix field. You will find these on your DHL customer card or in the Post & DHL App. If the address suffix field is not available, you can simply enter your Postnumber separated by a space after your last name.
  2. Write "Packstation"in the Street field and the three-digit number of your desired Packstation in the Building number field.
  3. Now all you need to do is enter the post code and the town of the desired Packstation. And you're done!

You will find all Packstations with their location and addresses in the Postfinder.

3. Receiving notification

You will be informed by e-mail and by push notification in the Post & DHL App as soon as you can pick up your parcel from the Packstation.

4. Picking up your parcel

Pick up your parcels when it suits you best. We will keep your parcel for up to nine calendar days.

You have addressed or diverted your parcel to a Packstation: We will keep your parcel for you for seven calendar days - including the day of delivery.

The parcel addressed to your home was delivered to a Packstation: Notified shipments that could not be delivered to your home and which were then delivered to a Packstation will remain in the Packstation for you to collect for nine calendar days.

Screenshot Activation

You will find your shipments in the Packstation section of the Post & DHL App.

Screenshot pick-up code

In the app, tap on the Packstation you are standing in front of and your pick-up code will be displayed.

Packstation Screen

On the Packstation screen, you can scan in your pick-up code under the Pick-up menu item and open the compartment containing your parcel. Your customer card is no longer needed!

Screenshot Packstation in Post & DHL App

Open the Post & DHL App and, in the Packstation section, tap the shipment you want to pick up. Follow the instructions on your smartphone and consent to the location services and use of Bluetooth. Your smartphone will then connect to the app-controlled Packstation.

Screenshot open compartment

A window opens. Click "Open compartment" and retrieve your shipment.

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