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Frequently asked questions / contact

You are also welcome to inform us of your concerns by phone (0341/8696 3999) or by email. Due to the current development, we are receiving a large number of inquiries. This can lead to longer processing times.

Every shipment that is imported into the EU from a third country must be cleared through customs. Under certain circumstances, import duties may apply to your shipment.

Import duties consist of customs duties, taxes and possibly customs handling costs. Billing is always based on the INCOTERMS noted on the commercial invoice.

The import sales tax that has to be payed in the country that it is imported to.  It equals the general sales tax of the country.

Import duties are charges that arise when goods are brought across a customs border. Billing is based on the INCOTERMS noted on the commercial invoice. The amount of the duty rate is uniform within the EU and depends on the goods. The basis here is the electronic customs tariff (

A private shipment is only intended for private use in adequate quantities. A commercial shipment, on the other hand,  is intended for shipments with goods for sale, as production or equipment. The prerequisite for this is that you are either already doing business or planning to register a business.

Upload your complete documents as quickly as possible to ensure a speedy declaration process. Please do note beginning on the 4th day, your shipment may incur extra charges.

Storage due to delays caused by the customer is subject to a storage fee per shipment from the 4th day onward at EUR 5.00 per day and EUR 0.10 per kilo/day plus VAT.

Your shipment is stopped in one of our DHL facilities and will continue its way as soon as customs authorities validate the information you share and release the shipment.

You can track the progress via our tracking tool.

Please click on this link for all details: Track your DHL Express Shipment

Every commodity has a commodity value, even if it is merely a matter of production costs or a symbolic value.

Exhibition goods are incoming goods used for exhibition purposes. Those are traditionally give-aways (e.g. pens, leaflets, keychains) and can be declared without additional charges. However, clearance of any other goods requires an EORI number. 

Should you not have an importer who is registered in the EU, please contact the service point of the exhibition. 

To change your delivery address please contact our general customer service (0228/90243513).

Please note that fees may apply for this change.