DHL Europaket is the ideal solution for your business-to-business parcel shipments into 32 European countries. You benefit from a sophisticated partner network that ensures reliable and quick transit times and the same quality standards regardless of country.


  • Delivery on the day of your choice within 48 hours in Europe's major business centres
  • Transport insurance of up to EUR 500 included
  • Two delivery attempts included
  • Five simple tariff zones

Product details

How long will my shipment take to reach the destination?

Additional Services

The additional insurance is the ideal solution for parcels: protected, even if they exceed the liability limit of EUR 500. The additional insurance service offers you sufficient protection up to EUR 25,000. There is no extra labeling of the package, so that no conclusion about the value of the content is possible. The parcel will be sent anonymously with the other parcel transportation.

Your benefits

  • Security against financial risks caused by loss or damage up to EUR 25,000
  • Unbürokratische und schnelle Zahlung im Schadensfall (bei Verlust oder Beschädigung)

By default, the DHL Europaket will be returned to its sender after a second unsuccessful attempt to deliver it. The "Third attempt to deliver" service enables you to extend the number of delivery attempts to three.

The future belongs to companies who actively take responsibility for climate protection. So take advantage of our GoGreen dispatch service and support climate protection projects to offset emissions.


  • Sustainable dispatch
    • With GoGreen you are making a sustainable contribution towards climate protection.
    • You can offset the transport-related CO2e emissions caused by your individual volume of parcels.
  • A sustainable image
    • You will receive a certificate on the CO2e emissions you have saved on an annual basis.
    • Using the GoGreen communication methods, you are sending a clear signal in favor of environmental protection to your customer.

For your international parcels as well: You can use GoGreen dispatch within Germany and internationally with DHL Paket.

If a shipment cannot be delivered, you have the option - following discussion with our customer service team in Germany - of specifying an alternative delivery address for a repeat delivery.

The proof of delivery service offers you the security of knowing when your shipment was delivered in countries across Europe. The proof of delivery slip provides information about the time of delivery, the shipment number, the recipient's name and the recipient's signature.

Upon delivery, the recipient acknowledges receipt of your shipment. The recipient's signature counts as confirmation of receipt. The proof of delivery slip provides information about the time of delivery, the shipment number, the recipient's name and the recipient's signature.The delivery information with the original signature is microfiched and archived. The details can be faxed to you upon request.

Please refer to the GTC for DHL Europaket, the DHL Cargo Insurance brochure and the Conditions of dispatch

DHL Europaket is the ideal solution for your individual parcel shipments to business customers (B2B) in any industry. Compared to DHL Paket International, the DHL Europaket shipping service is designed for 32 countries specifically within Europe with shorter transit times, while DHL Paket International also covers international shipping to countries outside Europe.

Remote areas are remote areas that are difficult to reach and may require additional delivery times or fees. When shipping with DHL Euro Parcel, remote areas may include certain regions or islands within Europe. It is advisable to check whether the destination is considered a remote area before shipping to consider any additional requirements.

The DHL Europaket offers several advantages, including fast and reliable international delivery within Europe, tracking and tracing for transparency and security, availability of proof of delivery on all transport lanes, a free second delivery attempt and many other options. All in all, the DHL Euro Parcel is a practical option for shipping for business customers (B2B) within Europe that is designed for security, reliability and flexibility.

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