Flexible return solutions for your international customers With DHL Retoure International, you can offer your customers an easy and flexible return option in the major European countries.

The benefits for you

  • Four return options - so you can tailor return handling to your needs
  • Simple billing with a flat-rate price for all items
  • Convenient parcel returns for your customers using the postal company's network of retail outlets

DHL Retoure International options

Thanks to the various options offered by DHL Retoure International, you and your customers benefit from the unique advantage of a fully online return process. You benefit from simplified workflows, flexible solutions oriented towards your business model, and accelerated return processes.

Offer your customers convenient, personal and free return booking. Your customer service team receives the return request and produces the label in PDF format. The customer then receives the label by e-mail and can print it out directly.

Offer your customers a free return service 24 hours a day on your website. A link on your website takes customers directly to the online form for booking the DHL Retoure International service. From there, your customers can create and print out the return label straight away.

Make your online offering even more attractive by offering your customers return booking 24 hours a day. With this option, the booking form for returns is integrated into your website. Your customers can use this link to print the return label directly online.

Keep your customer service inquiries to a minimum and make things as convenient as possible for your customers: print the return label for your customers and enclose it with each outgoing item so it is easier for your customers to send things back. The insert solution makes return labels directly available to your customers so that they don't even need a printer.

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