The optimum solution for worldwide parcel shipping: With DHL Paket International you reach every address in more than 220 countries worldwide.


  • Transport insurance of up to EUR 500 included
  • International shipment tracking included for many countries
  • Can be combined with many services and billing options

Product details DHL Paket International

* depends on target country, max. measure per dimension, notice girth measure
** depends on target country

How long will my shipment take to reach the destination?

Additional Services

The future belongs to companies who actively take responsibility for climate protection. So take advantage of our GoGreen dispatch service and support climate protection projects to offset emissions.

Your benefits

  • Climate-friendly dispatch
    • With GoGreen you are making a sustainable contribution towards climate protection.
    • You can offset the transport-related CO2e emissions caused by your individual volume of parcels.
  • A sustainable image
    • You will receive a certificate on the CO2e emissions you have saved on an annual basis.
    • Using the GoGreen communication methods, you are sending a clear signal in favor of environmental protection to your customer.

For your international parcels as well: You can use GoGreen dispatch within Germany and internationally with DHL Paket.

With cash on delivery shipping, your shipment is only handed over upon payment of the specified cash on delivery sum in the currency of the recipient country (or other secure forms of payment).

Bulky goods are shipments that:

  • if cuboid, exceed the maximum dimensions of a DHL Paket International (120 x 60 x 60 cm)
  • iif roll-shaped, weigh more than 5 kg or exceed a length of 120 cm or a diameter of 15 cm
  • have special packaging features (e.g. no cardboard packaging, wrapped in film or plastic, with protruding parts or uneven surfaces)
Dimensions* Weight*
max. length 200 cm,
max. combined length and girth (=L+2xB+2xH)=300 cm
up to 30 kg
Roll shape:
max. length 200 cm, max. Ø 60 cm,
length plus measured circumference max. 360 cm

* depending on the country

The additional insurance is the ideal solution for parcels: protected, even if they exceed the liability limit of EUR 500. The additional insurance service offers you sufficient protection up to EUR 25,000. The shipment is not marked out as containing valuables. It is processed anonymously in the normal system.


  • Security against financial risks caused by loss or damage up to EUR 25,000
  • Unbürokratische und schnelle Zahlung im Schadensfall (Verlust oder Beschädigung)

This service is available for DHL Paket, DHL Europaket and DHL Paket International.

With the Service Premium you're sending your packages fast and easy to more than 220 countries and territories in the world. Your shipments are insured up to 500 EUR versichert and get priority handling.


  • Short and calculable delivery times
  • Priority shipping via the fastest means possible
  • Shipment tracking via the Internet or by telephone through customer services

With the Closest Droppoint delivery option, your DHL Paket International items are delivered to parcel shops, parcel lockers or similar locations close to the specified recipient address. The service is available initially in selected destination countries in Europe and offers you a more cost-effective alternative to traditional delivery to the home address.


  • The choice is yours 
    Decide item by item whether you want delivery to a Droppoint nearby.
  • Greater transparency
    The recipient's contact data is sent to enable timely notification and more services for recipients in the destination country. 
  • Easy to order
    Simply select the Closest Droppoint delivery option without worrying about address formats specific to the destination country.
  • Attractive pricing
    Benefit from cost-effective delivery below the price of delivery to the home address.
  • Delivery at the first attempt
    Your items will be successfully delivered first time to the Closest Droppoint, without the need for your customers to be at home.
  • Greater customer satisfaction
    Let your customers choose the delivery option themselves at checkout, for greater customer satisfaction.



For each individual item, simply choose whether you want your item to be delivered to the recipient's home address or to a Droppoint nearby. There is no need to worry about address formats specific to the destination country. 

The service has already been integrated by many Premium Partners and Partners and can therefore be selected directly by using the partner software system.
A list of our Premium Partners and Partners can be found here: DHL Partner Systems - Software solutions for your e-commerce needs


  • It is necessary to send the recipient's contact data so your customers can be informed quickly of the delivery and the pickup location of the item.
  • Please observe the maximum dimensions and weights for each destination country. 


Destination country Market launch # Droppoints
Denmark September 2022 ~1,100
Austria November 2022 ~2,200
Belgium January 2023 ~1,300
Finland January 2023 ~3,200
Sweden January 2023 ~2,300
Latvia October 2023 ~250
Lithuania October 2023 ~280
Estonia October 2023 ~310
Cyprus October 2023 ~50

*More destination countries to come in 2024.

Before sending your parcel, specify what should happen if your shipment cannot be delivered in the destination country.

Return to sender: If your parcel item cannot be delivered to the recipient in the destination country, it is returned. 

Abandon: If your parcel shipment cannot be delivered, it will not be returned to you, but rather auctioned off or destroyed by the recipient country's postal company. You will not be charged anything for this.


You can specify prior to sending your parcel, what should happen if your shipment cannot be delivered in the destination country.

Shipping DHL Paket International to recipients in customs destinations is now even easier and more customer-friendly thanks to Postal Delivered Duty Paid. By booking this additional service (Postal DDP), you can assume all import duties for the recipient. That way, your customers are not surprised by additional customs clearance charges on delivery.


  • Easy to order
    "Postal DDP" service available on a shipment-by-shipment basis. 
    The service has already been integrated by many Premium Partners and Partners and can therefore be selected directly by using the partner software system.
    A list of our Premium Partners and Partners can be found here: DHL Partner Systems - Software solutions for your e-commerce needs
  • Attractive pricing
    EUR 4.00 per shipment - irrespective of destination country
  • Delivery at the first attempt
    Optimized successful delivery rate, as recipients are not faced with unexpected charges on delivery
  • Increased customer satisfaction
    Accelerated delivery process, as all fees are already paid by the customer during the order process
Country of destination Available from
United Kingdom (excluding Northern Ireland) September 2022
Norway February 2023
Switzerland September 2023

Please refer to the GTC of DPAG for the International Parcel service, the DHL Cargo Insurance brochure and the Conditions of dispatch here.

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