DHL Packstation

Like baby-sitting.
Just for parcels.

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Like baby-sitting.
Just for parcels.

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Receive your parcels when it suits you best. Choose a Packstation near you from over 8,000 locations and enter this as the delivery address during the ordering process.

Our recommendation for you

The health of everyone is of utmost importance to us. We offer you the service of receiving shipments without personal contact.
Join in and protect yourself and our employees:
If possible, use a storage location or a Packstation for receiving parcels.

Your benefits

  • Always close by, with more than 8,000 Packstations across Germany
  • Open around the clock*
  • No extra costs

* Hours of availability may vary at some locations

How to receive parcels at the Packstation

1. Registration

You need a DHL customer account to use the Packstation service. Not registered yet? Simply register free of charge and download the Post & DHL app.

2. Address information

Address your parcel to a Packstation an follows:

mTAN Sendung adressieren

To receive your shipment at a Packstation, enter it as the delivery address in three easy steps.

  1. After your first name and surname, enter your personal customer number (also known as your PostNumber) in the address suffix field. You will find these on your DHL customer card or in the Post & DHL app. If the address suffix field is not available, you can simply enter your postcode separated by a space after your last name.
  2. Write the three-digit number of your desired Packstation in the Street field "Packstation" and in the building number field.
  3. Now all you need to do is enter the post code and the town of the desired Packstation. - That’s it.

You will find all Packstations with their location and addresses in the Postfinder.

3. Notification

You will be informed by e-mail and by push notification in the Post & DHL app as soon as you can pick up your parcel at the Packstation.

4. Pick-up

Pick up your parcels when it suits you best. We will keep your package for you for seven calendar days - including the day of delivery. Parcels that we reroute to a Packstation because we were unable to deliver them to your home are available for pick-up for nine days.

Important: You will need your customer card and the pick-up code from the Post & DHL app to pick up your shipment.

What's more: With parcel redirection, you can have items that you have ordered for home delivery sent to a local packing station at short notice - if you notify us by 4 a.m. on the day of delivery. Registered customers can select this option via the parcel notification or in shipment tracking or via the Post & DHL app.

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