Päckchen International

Send smaller parcels abroad

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Send smaller parcels abroad

Frank online now
Important notice

Please consider that the effects of the coronavirus pandemic may give rise to delays in transit. Current information concerning major restrictions are provided on our info page.

When sending goods to other countries, please note the applicable legal framework and our general terms and conditions.

DHL Päckchen International is DHL’s low-cost option for sending smaller parcels abroad with optional insurance coverage.


  • Starting at EUR 4.89
  • Parcel shipping to more than 220 countries and territories
  • Additional savings with online franking
  • Insurance coverage available

Prices and Dimensions  

Päckchen XS

Weight and Dimensions
Online Price*

Max. 35 x 25 x 3 cm
Min. 15 x 11 cm

Maximum weight: 2 kg


EUR 4.89

online only


EUR 8.89

online only                                     

Päckchen M

Weight and Dimension Online Price*

Max. L + B + H ≤ 90 cm
No side shall exceed 60 cm
Min. 15 x 11 x 1 cm

Maximum weight: 2 kg


EUR 8.89

Outlet price: EUR 9.00

Switzerland & Great Britain

EUR 12.70

Outlet price: EUR 16.00


EUR 15.89

Outlet price: EUR 16.00                        

* All prices are final prices and VAT-free in accordance with VAT legislation unless otherwise indicated in the individual prices quoted.

Additional Services

Send your parcels worldwide in a climate neutral way by booking the GoGreen service. The emissions caused by shipping are offset by investments in climate protection projects around the world.

Price in addition to the parcel price*

Zone 1 (EU) + EUR 0.20 1,2
Zone 2 - Zone 8 (Non EU) + EUR 0.70 1,2
More information

* The price indicated is calculated in addition to the parcel price
1 Price includes VAT.
2 The service is only available via DHL Online Frankierung.

Parcels sent via DHL Päckchen International with the additional insurance option require a receiving confirmation of the recipient or an authorized person. In case of parcel loss or damage, DHL will reimburse you up to EUR 50.00 (proof of posting required). + EUR 2.50 (EU) 1
+ EUR 4.00 (World) 1

1 The service is only available via DHL Online Frankierung

We'll pick up your parcels at your home or at an address of your choice.

Service free if ordered via DHL online franking
(minimum 4 shipments per shopping cart).
+ EUR 3.00 1

1 Incl. VAT

For shipping roll-shaped items, an additional roll surcharge must be booked.

+ EUR 1.79 (EU) 1,2

+ EUR 1.79 (World)

* Only available for DHL Päckchen M
1 Incl. VAT
2 When booking this service, the transport fee of Päckchen M is subject to VAT and will increase by the legal VAT.

Send your item with DHL Paket International for dimensions up to 120 x 60 x 60 cm and a maximum weight of 31.5 kg.

Further information

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