For certain product groups such as high-value goods, it is extremely important that they are delivered to your customers in person. Use the DHL Ident-Check service to make sure your parcels are only released to the recipient in person - after proof of identity and (where relevant) age are checked and documented.

Benefits of Ident-Check

  • Secure and personal delivery
  • Prevents mail order fraud
  • Better compliance with youth protection rules

Identity check - for a reliable delivery

Are you interested in sending items with an identity check?

I am already a business customer of DHL Paket and would like to send goods with Ident-Check.

I am not yet a business customer of DHL Paket but am interested in sending goods with Ident-Check.

When an item is shipped with Ident-Check, our deliverer asks for the recipient's ID and only releases the items if the identity check is successful, and only to the recipient in person. It is not possible to release an item to an authorized person. We check the first name, last name and (where relevant) date of birth on the ID against the information you provide, and we record the type and number of the presented ID document.

The Ident-Check service is already included in your contract and can be ordered directly via DHL's dispatch logistics system ("Send" function in the Post & DHL Business Customer Portal). You can also use the service if you program your own dispatch logistics systems in-house. Simply send us the recipient's first name and last name, and the minimum age and/or date of birth. We will handle the identity check for you at the point of delivery.

Examples of parcels you could send with an identity check include the following:

  • High-value products such as designer fashion or electrical items
  • Highly sensitive content which must be delivered to the recipient in person, such as important documents
  • etc.

EUR 2.99 plus VAT, in addition to the parcel price

  Ident-Check Named Person Only Visual Age Check
Information required from sender

First name

Last name

Date of birth and/or minimum age

First name

Last name

Minimum age
(16 or 18) 2
Release to an authorized person -  1  3
Check at the point of delivery ID checked and documented ID checked only if the recipient is not personally known to the deliverer ID checked if the recipient is not obviously above the specified minimum age
Price EUR 2.99 EUR 1.49 EUR 0.99


1 This requires a "specific" authorization to be issued, i.e. a letter with the following information: "Person XY is authorized to receive the item with the number 123 on my behalf" (the notification card meets this requirement). A general authorization such as "Person XY is authorized to represent me in postal matters." is not sufficient.
2 You must already have checked the age of the purchaser - and of the recipient if they are different - before you send the item.
3 Authorization can be given to anyone above the specified minimum age.